The Great Wall of America!

Which wall is better: the high one or the low one? Is the higher wall more secured? 😉 Welcome back to your posts friends from the US and India! 😉

How many of you approve having the wall on our borders and how many do not agree? It’s not a political matter, it’s rather a security procedure in the opinion of many. Honestly, I wonder what do you think?Some US people are totally into having the Great Wall of America similar to the Great Wall of China.

Here’s one clip of  the building up that has already started with the wall in three states so far. Some wanted it to be higher though but once you have the base, you can get it as high as you want.

In the meantime, after completing this great wall, China will no longer be the only country with a great wall, but also the US would have one, and this time history will remember Trump for building this wall! Suggested WallTyps

Sandy said: “I’m not sure what is the big deal about the wall; it’s a legitimate right for US citizens to protect themselves against any foreign criminal activities.”

Related image

Until we talk again, join us, talk to us, share your ideas, engage and comment on our topics, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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