X Presents?

Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US and India! 😉

How many times in your life would you say that you were given a present that you disliked or more than that. How many times you had that feeling of “what an idiotic gift, I should burn it out”.

Over the years, for a birthday present or a New Year‘s gift many of you receive gifts from relatives or friends that they’d rather not have for one reason or the other.

Sometimes, the presents are rather like a disaster not presents at all. Other times, they are fabulous and to your taste but still you do not want them. Then, what is the SophieDisPresents.jpgbest solution when you got one present that you didn’t want?

Here’s some of the responses that we got:
– You should not refuse any gift whatsoever, it’s not polite to do that but you can get rid of it later on.
– You can gently apologize for having no space for such an art piece or any other. If your excuse was not accepted just take it then ditch it.
– You can claim that your parents/partner wouldn’t approve of having such a present.
– You can politely say that you wouldn’t accept any present from anyone this year.
– You can accept the gift, use it for a little bit then give it to charity if you can’t stand it.
– You can always donate anything that you don’t like since anything is yours once it was given to you, so don’t feel guilty about it. Some people have totally different taste and what looks fabulous for them could have considered ugly by you.

Until we chat again, respond, engage, and comment to our topics, if you wish to have a real inspiration, it’s your path to a genuine writing, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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