Soon Solved 2019!

It’s you, who have all the true vibrant vibes that can go limitless, so hold tightly onto that! 😉  Oh! Friends and readers from the US, India, Uganda, Hungary, and Denmark, we’re extremely thankful to your presence! 😉

Hi there!

Are you having good times? It’s not really clear yet for you yet if it was a good time or it was just passing time? You’re not the only one in our world who is in doubt about time and how to enjoy the minutes you are granted in your life to the best possible degree.

Mimi, Coocoo, and Suesue (the three of them are real and formal names) had a meeting last week via meet-up group, where they discussed and talked about life and how many people feel depressed due to being busy all the time with life issues. Suesue said that she was in a housing crisis coz she was on a sub-lease and all of a sudden the whole temple fell down on her head; meaning she was asked to leave her place and to look for another space to live. What a situation?!

Instead of getting ready for the New Year and enjoying her work and training, Suesue got overwhelmed and stuck to the panic of looking for a new place, and the idea that what if she couldn’t find anything available within her budget in her area where she works.Sophie2019

If you have any suggestion, pls share it with us. May be you’ll have the best solutions for our friends, who knows?! 🙄

Mimi was supportive and bailed her friend giving her the key for her room to use until she could find a new spot. But Mimi had a problem of her own. Although she was are relatively established UC Berkeley employee but she felt emptiness and withdrawal of community. Her sense of belonging, as she said was wearing down. She wanted a wall to lean on and cry!

Sorry to hear that. Towards the end of the year Coocoo intended to start a new page, forgetting about everything and just focus on getting settled. She didn’t care if she lived in the Bay Area or on Mars. All she wanted was to have a place of her own, where she could invite her mom and brothers where she would feel that she was a respected adult, since it was considered more dignifying to have a place of your own than to keep living as a tenant moving from one house to the other.

Unfortunately, that was her unaccomplished dream for the year 2018. Coocoo said that she couldn’t look back at that year any more. She felt sorry. She felt that she didn’t succeed in getting to her goals, coz her attention was scattered everywhere else after she lost her job. “It was the last thing to think of was to lose my job“, she said.

Until we talk again, let’s think about solutions for this catastrophic housing issues, get engaged with our topics, get your inspiration, and ignite your energy with our hugs and kisses ❤

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