Why Brooding?!

Oh! Man, run! Run man, as fast as beasts do, but you’d get nothing else but your destined earnings! 😉 Back to welcome all Friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, France, Egypt, Honduras, Indonesia, Taiwan, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Belarus, China, Hungary, France, South Korea, Philippines, Japan, Ukraine, the UK, Poland, Myanmar (Burma), the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, New Zealand, Thailand, Mexico, India, Namibia, Italy, Macedonia, and Netherlands! 😉

Are you sure that you didn’t talk about that before?

You certainly did, but you need to have everyone hear it, and hear it very loud.

New generations, unfortunately are losing their high IQ standards due to games and media continuous distraction. Uncertainty and confusion made their way to their minds. Instead of having bright smart kids, you’d see the opposite.

Are there solutions?

You know the answer, why are you asking that? It’s simpler than what you think. Just bring back to them everything they lost, or as much as you can. Build back the strong settled basis of ethics.

What else do you have for us today?matte-black-pull_370xEM Cosmetics

Honking! It’s terrible. While you’re driving, and it’s a red light; a clear red light, someone else behind you is honking at you. What exactly is he expecting? Are you going to fly and clear the way for him? Isn’t that weird? What’s going on with people.

The thing is that it’s not the first time to happen; it’s now like a phenomenon. The traffic is slow, and the vehicles’ barely moving, and yet there is someone who is honking. The next moment you’d find an accident, coz someone reacted wrong to that honk, and moved out of anxiety that is caused by sound.

Pay attention, or else you might lose your life; and for what? A one-time cheap honk. In class, few students asked: who did you vote for? Who’re you going to vote for?

You’re not supposed to speak politics or religion in class, coz these two subjects are known to be the most provoking for students and it usually ends up with a bigger issues.

BASU eAlarm® WRX 120dB Emergency Alarm (Wearable Model)The best answer then is that “There is always a place and a time to speak about that but right now you need to focus on your class”.

Someone said: “it’s good to prevent the accident before it happened; and that if you are a good teacher, you’d see it clearly and you can make it go away, before it starts.

Out of the classes, they can speak whatever they want, but in the class, there’s a lot of money spent to learn. Therefore, your priority is to gain new knowledge and to master the subject-matter you’re studying. When in school, your job is a student!50% Off Select Filtration Systems BASU eAlarm® Plus 130dB Emergency Alarm (Family Pack, Pink)I have a neighbor who is so funny. She’s moved in to this area very recently. May be 3 months ago. The funny thing about her is that, since she moved here, every time she takes her dog out, she kept screaming: “Sit, sit, sit”

Girl, sit, sit sit” The dog never did. It moves around freely and she runs after it. She is never tired and she thinks that she can train that dog, but some dogs are not for training. Some dogs one cannot train, but she doesn’t realize that yet. Other neighbors become irritating every time she steps out of her place to train that dog, and mainly out of the frustration she carries in her loud voice!

I’ve been to a movie theater with my daughter. The movie’s name I don’t frankly remember, but Gerard Butler is the main character and he is the top security in the White House. You’d know its name searching. It’s still playing in the movie theaters.

May be it is even better not to mention the name of that movie, since we don’t recommend it. Butler played that role before but with another President. He seemed to get older at some of the beginning scenes, he plays his role nicely.

The drones troop scene was impressive, but would make you think if that could ever happen in real life; and if yes, what kind of precautions could be taken?

The movie is full of blood, killing, bombs, violence, and yet you get surprised when you hear over the News that someone picks up a gun and kills a few? 🙄

Seriously, man, what’s all that blood? It ruins the movie. You could show the victims in a different way. Not so long ago, they had methods that would make you feel the whole situation without the blood scenes, can you go back to that decent era?

The most important message the movie conveys is about war contractors. It seems to be a fact and sadly it is true, and killing others for money is now a job. It used to be hidden secret, but now it is openly there, and bids take place for it. War contractors. Humans! What are you doing to each other. You are supposed to be brothers and sisters, taking care of each other. But instead, you choose the finest young people to send to war, to get killed!

Then you pretend that you’ll be getting revenge from those who killed your kids, by killing the youngest of other regions. it’s “NO” to war. “NO” to killing other human-beings. People like people, but greedy like other things more.

Definitely, you are coming from the same source: the human element. Taking a life is the worst thing possible that you could do or let happen. You’re ruining the humanity. You seek excuse to shed blood and to gain money, power, or others.

You should remind yourself that you’re not taking anything with you. You’re leaving this world, and the best thing to do is to leave a loving reputation and a manly appreciation.

“Guys! It’s stupidity to have blood on your hands. It will haunt you. It will eventually kills you!

Be wise. The Creator gave you every chance to build up your glorious world, why don’t you take it and enjoy what you have before it’s too too late.

When your youth is gone, you wish if you had back just one day or even a few hours of youth again, but you can’t..

wishing the youth to come back for a little bit, discovering that you wasted the best of your life in vain, then you’d turn into more destructive mood against yourself, coz you’re no longer the person you wanted to be. It’s another one, not you, not the young veins any more.

Ending your life will not be the solution, and you’ll continue to pay until the last moment of your life on Earth.

Remind yourself, money means nothing. It’s just one of the human’s inventions. Someone came up with an idea, and it has been developed and advanced until it reached up to be a prevailing ambition to the majority. Money means nothing if you don’t enjoy life.

Stay far away from blood or trading of war. Once you see the blood on your hands, your life is gone forever. You’ll no longer have any life whatsoever.

Let no money tempt you to kill other people from anywhere for any reason. It’s not worth it. You’d be the biggest fool and worst loser.

Spread love and kindness among people so when it’s your time to leave, you’d be happy in no fear of your end.”

She shared that with brooding eyes.

Until we chat again, continue loving each other, supporting each other, caring for each other, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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