Sts. Say!

Yep! The good is still there, and it’s abundant. Many try to control it, but it’s far wider than you can imagine! 😉 Friends and readers, it’s always been a pleasure to be with you. With you, people from everywhere: the US, Germany, Hungary, France, China, Poland, Spain, Philippines, Italy, Iraq, Norway, Japan, Thailand! 😉

It has been another staggering week, adding new info to your files, but was it really new?

According to your students and new faces in the Bay Area, let’s see:sophiechannel. Ebstin story: now the royal family kind of involved. It might turn out that there was a bigger name behind him. That’s how the story goes.

. Hong Kong clashes and status: people, thank you for being brave to stand up to the injustice, but the US or the UK, will not get into it, unless the troops in Afghanistan/North Korea were transferred to Hong Kong instead.

. Afghan: US withdrawal- it has been forever; 45,000 youth are out there, bring them home, save our tax-payers money.

. More in Korea North or South; more in South Africa; more everywhere.

. if you wanna be in the know while in the go, hahah KCBS new PG&E and it’s ongoing fight: whether it was responsible for the fires or not- oh, pls, why else did they change the CEO? Making him a billionaire? Not for that, for correcting the bankruptcy situation, really?

. Pakistanis: Shouldn’t you be able to manage quietly and peacefully your own issues, without interference from anywhere?

. local killer 91 yrs: to sentence or to leave to natural death?It's time to DENIM! Up to 60% off, Shop now. 20 yrs old daylight Bart killer slashing the throat of a hair covered girl, is he an extremist? No labels is better; he is just a filthy killer mental case, should he be treated or punished for his act. He could have killed the three sisters but two of them managed to escape.

. Cameron Diaz gave up on acting, she wanted to live a simple life and she did. Would she be able to continue being away from lights?

. Your youth are scattered everywhere in your world, claiming they serve peace; they would realistically serve it the best if you brought them back home.Qatar Airways. Are you numbed? Sometimes. When? When I hear the same exact news day and night.

. Free birthday parties for homeless children? Are you serious? What a shame. Provide them with homes first. Save your money!

. do you think the drones and the vague bodies now in your sky have something to do with your weather?

Lovely WholesaleBerrylook 5% off for Your First Order. Computers are headache when you completely depend on them. You can’t have all your airports controlled by networks that could fail/get hacked any moment, You’ve got to have manual control as well. One time failing incident could cause you unimaginable losses.

Why not? It could be, those who have the keys for everything can answer this question.

. “By the Sea”, not surprised that you didn’t hear about it before although it goes back to …and by two well-known actors: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It’s thumps down.sophiechannel

. Experiments for longer life or live forever is taking place now in a secret island. Some aged people monetized the project. The purpose is clearly known 🙂

Remember it’s all what your students say or Sts say.

. Do the good. And next time, I’ll tell you what happened in the Grocery Store.

How much of good you do, it would come back to you. Just have faith in your good intentions, never have a mean perspective.

Until we chat again, should you continue asking questions, or just share what you have, it’s all up to you, get busy via our topics, with our hugs and kisses ❤EM Cosmetics

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

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