Back for more, that is what you do when you like something, even without saying it! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from the US, Poland, Kenya, Thailand, China, Peru, Iraq, India, Australia, Philippines, Germany, Taiwan, France, Netherlands, and Canada! 😉 ! 😉

Standstill! Last time I told you we’ll tell you about what happened in the grocery store. Something that let you feel there was still good in people. But in reality and without that situation, you’d still have a trust that there is a lot of good in people everywhere.

First let me share a part of a conversation that took place between the school secretary and our admin:GeekBuying.comBuckle.comA. You know what…

B. It’s chaos!

A. Where?

B. Everywhere.

A. Really?

B. Don’t you think so?

A. Sometimes

B. I think I sleep a lot nowadays.

A. Oh, for me, I never have enough sleep.

B. I think when you’re not feeling well or not having answers, you tend to sleep more.Image: Hong Kong ProtestA. May be. Yesterday, a student from the Engineering Dept. said that Hong Kong riots were about the American Flag, and I couldn’t sleep coz of that. What is the truth about that? Are they really doing all of that for the American flag?

B. People are suppressed. Don’t you think so? Sometimes, standstill can give you all the success you want. It could be stronger than all other methods. 

A. What’s new in that? Isn’t that always the case? Let’s talk weather, it feels as if someone is playing with your climate recently. It’s not the same at all any more, as if those strange bodies in the sky monitoring it, or changing it cool to hot or vice versa; it’s a strange phenomenon.

B. plenty of unclear vague things going on around you, and China is aging. It’s taking the wrong path under-estimating the US influence over other countries.

A. killing that Ebstin and claiming that he took his own life.

B. It’s just theories nobody knew what had happened.

A. May be it’s another country’s leader who didn’t want to be publicly known. Plenty of rich people were able to pay for his services.

B. his services included hunting young girls and selling them to rich men, or many be bidding on the girls -not any girls. They had to be virgins, no body ever touch them before, meaning touching their sensitive areas. The younger the more to pay for them.It's time to DENIM! Up to 60% off, Shop nowQatar AirwaysA. Where did they get those young girls?

B. May be that was the problem. there must have been a source for that, who was it, nobody know. may be it’s from another country or countries.

A. who knows how that worked, but it was a business like any other business.

B. what?

A. Yes, it is considered to be a business; can’t you see? In the world of business there is no place for morals.

B. when you get to be a millionaire, and you stick your feet to the ground, then you establish your status, then you can start being philanthropist, paying charity for here and there; trying to have a clean name. of course, you feel that you did unethical THING if you were in that business

A. In a way, that makes sense, but ….Lovely WholesaleBerrylook 5% off for Your First Order

The grocery store incident was by night when I stopped by the store to pick up few items. There was a long line that I was surprised to see and I decided to get more things until the line gets shorter. What happened was the opposite. While I filled  out my cart with all kinds of food or drinks, longer lines and more open registers appeared.

Well, I guessed I had to wait. The line was moving very slow, slower than other lines; almost everyone in that line had a cart that was full, and the register attendant was an elderly. However, there was a guy in front of me who had nothing in his hand. No cart no anything. I thought he must have needed something from the locked items. The lady in front of him while moving her items from her cart to the conveyor register belt, noticed him carrying nothing, and she asked him to move forward in front of her. He did. 

She was laughing coming to me and chatting. Then having a word with the people in the line. After about 15 min we were approaching finally the point where the cashier was. He was all-in-grey-hair guy and a bit slower than all other registers, but changing the line only meant that you’d wait more than any other. sophiechannelEM Cosmetics

Until we chat again, catch up with anything you’ve missed in the past, and  we’ll continue next time, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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Qatar Airwayssophiechannel


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