Change of Minds!

Your thoughts are constantly come and go: Go up! Welcome back friends and readers from the US, Australia, India, Germany, Egypt, Venezuela, Spain, Indonesia, China,The United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Haiti, the UK, Canada, Tanzania, Ukraine, France, Colombia, Bahrain, India, and Netherlands! 😉

Everything is revolving around you, and you may think  the opposite, that you’re the one who goes around things.

You keep running from here to there and from there to further away from everything, until that ugly moment of having to stop, where it presents itself in any shape, expected or not.Qatar Airways

TodayChange of Minds

You used to walk the streets in serenity,

without fear,

letting out all your thoughts,

opening the door for your hopes,

but not any more.

You used to attend open events,

without fear,

opening your arms for hugs,

staying away from thugs,

but not any more.

You used to laugh out loud,

without fear,

Todayhaving all your body cells breathe,

but now you think twice,

watching the turning dice,

which is not there any more.

You used to count the minutes,

impatient for a weekend,

with a family or a friend,

out there in the forest,

or up there on the beach,

without fear,

but it’s not there any more.

Your forest has burnt out,

your beach is full of doubt,

your sand has turned black,

without fear,

and not the same any more.

At least, you still have a family,

without fear,

No, not true or it might be,

but for sure,

I’m not there any more!TUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks 728x90

You know how it is, there is always a reason to postpone for the nest time, but you’d hope it would be tomorrow.

Until we chat again, join our posts, comment, share, and tell us more about yourself, and we’ll keep inspiring you, with our hugs and kisses


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