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Humiliate your money but never yourself! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Croatia! 😉

Do you know that, sometimes, when you’re three persons together speaking the same language, but then two of ,you suddenly switch to a different language which is not understood by the third person, it  has only one explanation.
Qatar Airways
When you cut off the 3rd  person  out of your conversation, it means that you didn’t want that person to hear what you were going to say to the 2nd one with whom you had another language in common.

When that took place in someone else’s home, it is even more awkward.

You let that person feel stranger, while you’re in her/his own house. Creepy, right?!

But this is not our topic for today. Today, it’s poor employees’ day.

An employer downtown Oakland insisted that his employees should wear some kind of ice-cream hat on their heads while serving customers. It has been a real burden, and many of them quit because of that.

Why employers put too much on the shoulders of their employees?

Coz they are bad or having ignorant managers. If they seek prosperity, they could have given their employees an option, and let them do it out of love, out of appreciating their jobs.It's time to DENIM! Up to 60% off, Shop nowUnderpaid employee does not have loyalty for his workplace. The time of good loyal committed employee has gone long ago.

Now, employees are fed up. Since they are underpaid (this is the case of the majority in CA). They choose when to show up to work and when to get sick.

Yesterday, I met a guest who is documenting videos for YouTube. He told me that he used to live in Walnut Creek, CA,  but it had a very high standard of living, he couldn’t keep up with that; especially that he loved to travel and explore things. He moved to Arizona which he found it less in taxes and living expenses.

He showed me his video map on YouTube where he reached the North pole. That was amazing. He was using an electric car and taking a long tour  around all the States.

This is Ebstin Island. It’s a tragedy that Americans follow up on the News now. Even if he was a terrible guy, suicide needs to be defeated.

Going back to employees. Oh! Poor employees $15/hr or less. They can’t even cover their food and gas.

Anyway, Magda, a new student asked where were the employees-attorneys. Sandy answered why?

Mg- attorneys know how to get these employees their right deserved hourly rate. It can be calculated. No one in CA can even live on $ 20/hr at the present time. It’s a joke to say that.

Sn- You’re right, but we have shortage of attorneys n lawyers in our State. A lot of wasted rights with no enough lawyers around.

Mg- Why do employers insist on having their employees wear custom T-Shirt with their logos. Promotional out-fits should be get paid for wearing them.Attorneys' Homework

Any uniform which carries the logo of an employer should be compensated for, since it is similar to a car which had the logo of a firm, and going everywhere spreading the name of that firm among people, similar to what Geico does.

Sn- Right, I see Target employees going in the Bart with their funny red T-shirt. Poor employees, in summer it’s all sweat and smells.

Mg- Others, want their employees to wear a specific shoes or gown, etc.

Anything that carries the name of an employer and involuntarily imposed on the employees, as a promotional tool, should be compensated for. And a lot of recruitment going on, why? If they’re back from Afghanistan, why do you recruit more youth?

Sn- Yes, it sounds fair, but when it comes to applying a law, employers always find a way to get away with whatever they do for their employees.50% Off Select Filtration SystemsTell me what the court did for FB. Huh, it sold billions or zillions of your data, the fine was nothing compared to what they had in banks. They must have had unlimited amount of revenue after each breach they did. And they still stealing your data until now! They will never stop selling your data!!

Attorneys' HomeworkThey ask you for your birth certificate, hmmm 😦

SN- And what about recruitment?

Mg- Oh, do you mean Army thing?

Sn- Yeh, I saw that kiosk there, what’s going on?

All of that went on while I was correcting a pile of my Sts homework.

It was quite interesting to hear that being said by students. It’s strong aggressive argumentative and needed lawyers to work with them.

Knowing your legal rights is not enough, you would need an attorney to represent you in the court of law, but if you couldn’t find one, the court could help you, we hope!sophiechannelUntil we chat again, be here, be there, be everywhere, get more of our original stories, with our hugs and kisses

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