Laugh, CA!

Would you pls focus on doing rather than talking. Achievers in history speak less and do more. Which one are you?! 😉 Hello inspiring friends and readers; how cheerful to followup with you from everywhere: the US, Brazil, India, Venezuela, Sweden, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Canada, Germany, the UK, Italy, Netherlands, and Azerbaijan! 😉

You’re not laughing anymore, as you used to do, why?Buckle.comBuckle.comCoz you need to:

. Pay your rent.
. Pay your credit card.
. Pay your utilities.
. Pay your car/gas.
. Pay your school.
. Pay your miscellaneous/others.

Your debt has become heavier than before. Probably you’re spending more than what you earn.

What is the solution? First laugh, and then we’ll talk more. Image result for laugh about low wages caricature

John said: “We should have a meeting to decide what to do, similar to what your leaders and governors do”.

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