Congrats. California!

Time to stop attacking others and focus on prosperity. it’s the key of satisfaction for the time being! 😉 Smart cheerful friends and readers, how fabulous to get together with all of you, from everywhere in our fantastic planet: the US, France, Japan, Bulgaria, Guernsey,Canada, Malaysia, the UK, Mexico, India, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Hungary, and Jamaica! 😉

First, wishing all Mosslems and others celebrating very Happy Adha. We heard about it once only over the radio, so my students asked me to express our congrats to everyone who is celebrating Eid, as you’ve read in our previous posts.70590955

Any occasion you’d celebrate, we’re with you. Celebrations are good for the heart!

What’s going on with you, people?Buckle.comBuckle.comIt's time to DENIM! Up to 60% off, Shop nowUnhappy and furious? Why? Is it for the mass shooting that took place lately in TX and OH?

Your students said: No. Your colleagues said: Partially. Your neighbors said: Everything goes wrong. Your friends said: It’s poverty and inequality in life-living. It’s chaos.

Qatar AirwaysWhich one is it, if you have all these responses?

It’s all and none!


Under each response, the speakers relate to their own lives, not considering the majority of you.

However, at the same time, some of you can be under few of this categorization. For example, when the response was inequality of living. Sure this affects the homeless individuals who have been suffering for decades.

By the way, Cupertino (CA) was celebrating the opening of 6 units that were given to SIX homeless people from the Bay Area. Isn’t that funny?

6 units? How many homeless persons are generated every single day inhere? SIX MILLION PEOPLE in CA out of the 40 MILLIONS (15%) ARE HOMELESS. The number will not stop. Every single day it’s counting more. You need a radical solution by a smart achiever.HomelessLibraryLivingYour governor has been able to come up with 6 whole units in how many years? ….

Isn’t this ridiculous?

Barbara screamed: “Sophie, people are hypnotized. No-one seemed to be having a clear vision for what’s coming up. It’s a pavement for a revolution in CA. Poverty poverty where are all these billions going, who takes all these billions of dollars?”

Shame! It’s hard to hear that coming from an educator. She might be right though.

If you were homeless roaming the streets everywhere, Qatar Airwayscrawling all the way round libraries and bushes of gov buildings, trying to find a shelter, it’s definitely understandable and justifiable, but may be questionable.

Your theory is that any public building is yours, and that nobody is supposed to prevent you from using an owned public building since you have no where else to go. Most importantly, you are the public; in other words, the place belongs to U!

Well, CA gov should protect her assets. It’s not the buildings; it’s its own citizens!

Image result for A joke about public buildings used to sleep

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