All what you seek is, to feel that people like you, and they do, they do, they do; but there’s something missing! 😉 Dearest readers and friends from everywhere: the US, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, European Union, Argentina, India, Greece, Mexico, Pakistan, Brazil, Germany, Israel, and Denmark we’re more than appreciating your time with us! 😉

Qatar Airways50% Off Select Filtration SystemsSeriously that happened, can you believe it?

Sometimes in the middle of drinking a cup of coffee, you feel thirsty. You need water. Odd, right?

Not quite, there’s plenty of other odd things nowadays in your life that make no sense at all.
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You’re quite right, how about reading a fish?

It’s also another odd thing to happen; some people are capable of reading your drawings, but not everyone. There’s a lot of cons readers in the market.

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Nunn Bush

Is this what you’re going to talk about today?

No, not really, but it worked for someone as an attention-grabber. He said that every drawing whether in black and white or in color represented your thoughts and feelings.

It conveys your inner opinion that can’t be expressed in words, not for the lack of words but for the difficulty of gathering all thoughts in one unit.

For example, if you were asked about what you can see in this fish.SophieFish

You’d probably say something like: “I can see a nice child colored fish drawing” or some similar

As for a drawing-reader, he might say: “I can see deep concealed ambition (in the eyes), and waiting patience, (the mouth) unsatisfied but not to an extent of bursting out, and that it’s keeping to itself. The head color is for imprisoned cheerfulness that is gradually fading away, (the dark blue eyebrows) of trustfulness and sincerity but it’s made closer to defense tools, which are not too many.It's time to DENIM! Up to 60% off, Shop nowThe body is for a light movement, and the zigzag line for a mission been to, and the tail is of a scientific nature which reflects educated background, and the fins are friendly but defensive not necessarily heavy defense though.USA Car RecordsophiechannelWhat’s the point of all of this?

It’s paying attention. There’s always an unintentional leakage of info pieces that provide you with accurate info. All what you need is the right people to read these messages. Go fish!sophiechannel

Until we chat again, continue sharing your stories, get involved with our posts, we’re here just for you, with our hugs and kisses ❤

Cashmere in LoveNunn Bush 

Qatar AirwaysCashmere in Love

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