We believe in you. Let’s convey your message to the masses of the world out there! 😉 Thanks dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, the UK, India, Serbia, South Africa, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel for living with us for few moments! 😉

So when would it end? Soon!

How? Only via one route, and only one!

We, a group of educators, were so surprised of what some of our students showed us on their cell phones, tablets, and laptops!
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It’s absolutely shocking and rarely happens. You and we never heard of a president or anyone else who would allow some of the lowest possible comments to be published and poured online on his own account.

There has been a lot of comments by many of our colleagues and students are to be shared with you here:

  • Grace: if I were him, i’d never let those comments and pictures come alive and be seen by millions of people everywhere. Some pictures are disgusting and upsetting to your stomach, the least to say.

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  • Julio: Is that courage and transparency or foolishness and dumminess?

  • Bito: it’s so ridiculous; it has become like a high school game. No limits for trying to bring down the spirit of the other team. It needs to stop. Damaging and destroying all and everyone on both sides.

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  • Barbara: I told my class that that was extremism and that the norm is to be impartial. Being raged and not in control of your words and your emotions, could take you miles away from enjoying life. It takes you right to hatred closed end.

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  • Sunny: some of my girls ran to the bathroom when they saw that photo; omg disgraceful, shame on whoever did that. No matter how you disagree with others, you shouldn’t let your dislike reach to that polluted extent of animosity. There is absolutely no need for that.

  • Pat said that she could have never imagined that seeking the top chair in the country could drag all those negative emotions for people on both sides of the game. They’re killing each other, for what? Think about it.

  • Ruth explained calmly that when she spoke to her adult kids, they always accuse her of wanting to impose her opinions and that she was always right. She continued that Trump’s situation with some people reminds her with hers with her own kids, with a whole difference. For no matter how many time he would emphasize that he was not “R”, they would argue with him, no he was.

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  • Elisse: Do you know who planted the word “R” in your community? Go back to movies. There was one which we talked about before: “Now You See Me-2”. You’ll figure it out, it was imported from another country, and as you know, a word like this could spread like fire. We’re not going to repeat the word, coz it’s an ugly word, and it should be used only by ugly people. We wish that you’re not one of those dummy ones.

Lovely WholesaleBring impartiality to life. This stream of conflicted hate was only brought to your community seeking that ugly top chair and seeking turning you against each other. Be smart!

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20% OFF for Bargain Australia Car RentalWe discussed how to be impartial before; unfortunately there are high rank people speak over the radio; some prevail your media, and they could not hide their extreme bias. There are a whole number of programs that are only transmitted to turn people against each other. These poisonous programs are devoted for killing your unification spirits.

SophieUnityWho is the smart one to see that?

The impartial ones. the ones who appreciate unity. The only solution that you have.

The ones who see life as more precious than the political games that are played by a number of sick people.

Too much to take and too much to understand, but most certainly these kind of people do not realize how far they are gone.

Let’s simplify it: when you like eating apples, you can’t impose apples on every other person you know, and you shouldn’t dislike anyone just because that they dislike apples. You can’t kill someone because he refused  to eat apples. You shouldn’t kill anyone at all period.sophiechannelYou have a life, and others have their own too. Do respect others and stay peaceful. That’s how you’d keep your community safe and prosperous. You don’t want to take your neighbors back to the Jungle era, do you?

Your only way out of this whole mess is: Unity!

Until we talk again, let’s know your story, let’s convey your message to the limitless masses out there without bias, only with our hugs and kisses ❤Cashmere in Lovesophiechannel

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