Welcome back dearest friends from everywhere: The US and Czech Republic, The United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Africa, Indonesia, china, Turkey, Switzerland, and India.

SophieLove.jpgLove doesn’t have a black background, but it has million faces!

. Familial love: which is called “Storge” which at first sight you’d thing it’s “storage”, the way I did.

The one and only unconditional love. The very powerful kind of love that would allow you to die for your kids. Your kids are part of you, and when you believe that any of your kids would be harmed in a serious way, you wouldn’t automatically react without thinking of yourself, at all, at that moment. You’d provide a full-protection physically-speaking or others.

EasyRentCars.comGeekstore. Akin Friendship called brotherly love, which is built on respect and openness. There is no sexual passion or physical attraction in it; it’s rather a trust for opinions and deep friendship.



. Sexual Love:  Full of passion, desire, and physical attraction. Sexual love or “Eros”, sometimes you wouldn’t know the reason to that kind of love. It’s just chemistry. You want to be close from a specific person which could start by being friends but not in the way the akin friendship works.

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. Livings  love “Agape” which few connect to religion, but in fact it’s an open love for every living thing in your world. You can see it in being charitable caring to others without expecting anything in return. This kind of love is manifested in loving plants, animals, any Godly creatures or creation.

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Until we chat again, roaming with your topics is kind of love too, so keep it in your heart, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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