Love Moments, 1Z!

Thank you and welcome to your unique spot, with us! Our special thanks go only for the US, and Brazil today 😉

If you want us to call you, pls send your phone number, and the best time that we can contact you, if you prefer to talk to us, rather than to write to us. Once we receive your phone number, we will call you back during the time frame you would send us.

We’re happy to see you all, and we still wish that you  would send us more comments, suggestions, or questions.

Just Thoughts

Image result for model in a coat side poseLove is tested over the years,
and is proved to be endlessly alive.
Who can deny it?
Loving you will remain forever,
even after death it would still be there.
If my heart was to have any function,
it would be only  your love living there!
The pulse of your love would live eternally,
with me, or that is how I feel it would be.
It’s a kind of foolishness, to say the least,
since it is all kept inside of me.
With no words to be uttered out loud,
and you know why?  Never mind!

Dear 1Zumba friend, we all have ups & downs in our lives, but we should do the best out of it, because we’re leaving it. Sooner or later, we’re leaving this life, but coz of the Creators’s mercy on us, we forget this fact most of the time we live on Earth!

Remember our topics, we’ll talk to you very soooooon

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