Happy Adha Days, 1Zumba!

Thanks our friends and readers from the US, Philippines, Uganda, India, the UK, n Slovenia 😉

My team was asked if they were gonna celebrate the Adha Days “Eidu El Adha”; and they answered “Yes”. We celebrate all holidays, without distinction between any of them. Nancy referred the reader to one of our previous posts: “1Zumba Celebrator“, to emphasize that it’s good for the soul to be in celebration, and that people are free to do what they want, they were born equal after all. Nobody had two heads or four feet, haha!

Image result for family having dinner in a hotel

That was one of the pictures for a family celebrating, and you can feel how happy they all are, so it does not matter what it is; what matters is that they are all together. It’s not just marriage or death we should celebrate! 😛

Image result for family having dinner in a hotel

Image result for family having dinner in a hotel

Anyway, congratulations for everyone who is celebrating any occasion, not only Adha, which takes place until the 15th of September! Pls share your happy days with us. It gives us energy, and we always need it 🙂

Contact us for any comments, questions, or suggestions. We love to hear from you all the time. 🙂

Let’s talk some more in few moments. Kisses & hugs ❤

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