1Zumba CelebrAtor!

Thank you our new readers from Jamaica, Philippines, the UK, the US, n Bolivia ­čśë

“Celebrating” is such a beautiful word, that contains several interminable meanings in one word,┬ásince it has, among its petals, the meanings & the connotations┬áof festivities, rejoicing, remembering,┬áfeeling happy, most importantly,┬árespecting the occasion that we are┬ácelebrating, and enjoying it.

Because of┬áthe word “respect”, among all other valuable meanings, I┬áreally appreciate all kinds of celebrations.


If I can celebrate every and each ceremony, I would; as a matter of fact, whenever I am invited to one, I never hesitate to go, coz I love celebrations.

I hope that you too, my dear 1Zumba friend,┬álove to celebrate with us, every occasion,┬ácoz ┬áwe respect all of them, especially ┬áthe ones with┬á1Zumba Celeb ­čśë

Love you all ­čśë ┬áHere’s all my hugs n kisses, until we chat some more ­čśë


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7 thoughts on “1Zumba CelebrAtor!

  1. Celebrating is usually a form of getting together (or by yourself although rare) raise up your glass of drink, with a cheerful smile on your face, expressing that you are in a happy mood to observe this moment with others (or with yourself). For example, in wedding occasions, we celebrate the marriage of two people. Celebrating an event or a moment in our lives bring us happiness while we eat and drink together, dance, or listen to songs, etc..


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