Peace, Love, & Understanding!

You don’t get all what you wish for, but you still wish for it, right?! Hello friends and readers from our beautiful world. Thank you for the US, India, Philippines, Brazil, and Indonesia 😉

Sometimes life brings you what you do not expect. That is what Grace had one day when her daughter showed up to her door, driving all the way from Manhattan with her two kids! What was going on? She didn’t know. She didn’t know for almost 20 years anything about her daughter’s life.

Is there a good reason for that?!PeaceLU

Here’s  part of a review for this movie, which I called “Peace, Love, & Understanding” (for good reasons), instead of “Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding” 2012.

Because Fonda is (very capably) playing a send-up of her image, the character I found most interesting is Catherine Keener’s Diane. She’s a Manhattan lawyer, nursing anger with her mother after all these years and making it a point not to drink or smoke — as a rebuke, perhaps. She quickly falls under the spell of Jude (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a local furniture maker and guitarist, age-appropriate, handsome, understanding. Meanwhile, daughter Zoe locks hearts with Cole (Chace Crawford), even though she is a vegetarian and he is a butcher. Young Jake is smitten with Tara (Marissa O’Donnell), a coffee shop waitress who wins him with a shy smile and superb latte.

It was a relatively good comedy spirit movie. You can watch it with your kids, although some hints were not necessarily included. There was nothing new  in that formula except the capable actors on top of them Jane Fonda of course.

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Until we chat more, enjoy watching this movie, with our love and kisses

. Jane Fonda.

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