Hearken not to those who deny the truth! 😉 Welcome back our readers from the US, India, Brazil, Ireland, South Africa, and the UK😉


Have you heard about the news that said in some areas water is no longer safe to drink. This happens in California too lately unfortunately! Therefore, we would like to give you some tips or solutions on how to deal with water problems.

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. Avoid drinking from the hot water tap. Use the cold water tap if necessary.

. Boil the water if you have to use a tap water.

. Use a distillation system which gives you the purest possible water, but still it has its down sides.

. Use bottled water, if you trust a specific make.

. Use a filter to your tap, or a filtration system if it is affordable to keep yourself and your kids healthy and away from bad illnesses.

Your health and your children’s health are the most important thing you need to watch all the time. Your world is full of a lot of scary diseases now. Let saving be for items that are not related directly to your health. Be generous with your health care items, products, and physicians’ consultation.

Sure keep digging deeper into our topics until you find your true inspiration with our hugs and kisses

. Make your water safer.


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