Accent Again?

Your world is full of puzzles, but when it’s time, you’ll see it all! 😉 Our friends, it’s always a pleasure to meet with you. Thanks for the US, Peru, Canada, Poland, Russia, and the UK 😉

From today’s living:

“I’m the best, forget the rest!” That was a commercial over-the-radio, and it was so funny for the rhyming. That was our first laughing matter.

Your 2nd one was: A guy over the radio, he was supposed to be a host for some kind of weird program. He said:  “She (A big name) spoke poor English I’ve never realized that she ….Oh! give me one second I wrote it somewhere here…” Who was the poor speaker in this instance?! 😆

students cheating during an exam
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Bambo Nature USAAnyway, Paula and I were in our way to an urgent meeting and that weirdo was over the radio, acting like a maniac the way he talked about other well-known people, while he himself was poor in everything- his tone, the way he laughed (big noise), the words he used, the bragging he kept using in describing himself.

Paula once heard the word “accent“, she started shooting “Bambo” words at him, wishing that he could hear what she was saying. Of course, it could be a pre-recorded session, not even radio live talk.

That took us to one of our previous posts, where we talked about accents and that everyone of us has an accent. No matter how hard you try to sound like other people, but the truth is that you can’t. You can’t have a typical way of talk of someone else.


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Uniqueness is the key. You are unique in everything: your voice, your tone, your pronunciation for words, your intonation, your used vocab items, your brain dictionary, you’re one person who has very specific experiences that no one else ever passed by. 

For students, whatever it is the way you speak, it is beautiful! Actually for every human being, the way you talk is awesome! It is a natural creation by the Creator that was given specially for you. It’s a blessing to be able to speak and to utter words in any language any way you want. Never think that you speak in a way less than others. Let others feel that you don’t care about their stupid comments, coz they are simply ignorant. Be proud of yourself the way you speak and let others see your pride!

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Morgan, Booker, Will, Amaya, and Patton from UC Berkeley – Linguistics Dept. told Paula that they wanted to convey a message for everyone who tries to shame someone for her/his way of talk: “Drop off your bias, coz you have an accent too :)”

Well! Let’s have a walk among our topics to get some igniting spark for a new original idea. Until then, here’s our hugs and kisses

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