Go 1Zumba Pure Water!!

Hello everyone! How beautiful to talk to everyone of you today! Did I thank you enough? Not yet 😉 Then, thank you thank you, and welcome to all readers, bloggers, writers, friends, followers, co-workers, n you name it, especially from the US, Hong Kong SAR China, Vietnam, Uruguay, Latvia, n Australia 😉

One of our dear friends and followers of 1Zumba.com sent me new fantastic info about new kind of water. it was a huge surprise for me to hear all that info from her. We had a long talk together, over coffee meeting, and it was very informative session for me personally to know about the wonders of this water!

Kangen Water!

Did you know that most health issues in the United States have now been attributed to life style choices? Experts from around the world agree choices and what people eat and drink are leading to a healthy decline in health around the world.

Some of the most serious may be able to be reversed by making minor changes in lifestyle. One of the changes that people around the world are making is a switch to drinking ionized alkaline water.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not an easy thing to do! We have make a living. We have family responsibilities. Things just need to get done! The by-product of doing what we love may very well be elevated stress and tension. With life being what it is in the 21 st Century, stress and its cohorus aren’t easily avoided.

What we eat and drink – that’s another story. We do have a choice. Every time we open our mouths, we have complete control over what gets dropped into them. Perhaps you’ve already moved “to the other side.”

You watch your diet. You exercise regularly. You’re very careful about what you eat and drink. When it comes to your body, you lived a very “green” lifestyle. In either case, there’s one question that still must be answered: how do you know what you’re putting into your body is best for your body?

Let’s start with something easy, like water. We all know how important it is for our bodies and how healthy it is to keep properly hydrated. Drinking water is a popular thing to do – just look at all the choices there are in bottled varieties – spring –sourced, fruit- flavored, vitamin enriched. What do all bottled waters have in common? They are all acidic when tested for their pH value.

This makes them agents of oxidation – carriers of those pesky free oxygen radicals. Free radicals are responsible for turning an apple brown when you slice it. They cause the cellular structure to break down, deteriorate – all cellular structures, including the cells in your body.

Now there’s a thought to ponder: By doing a good thing, like keeping your body hydrated, you’re accidentally causing it harm. Just when you thought you were doing something good to yourself, someone comes along messes it all up, right?

Not so fast. Drinking water isn’t the problem. You just need to drink the RIGHT water, a water that actually works with you and for you – in all the RIGHT ways. 

The right choice is KANGEN WATER. The best thing about this water is you can actually make it – all you need, whenever you need – at home. All that’s required is the unique Leveluk Continuous Ionized Electrolysis Water Generator.

Hook your preferred filter or method to any house faucet then press the button to get a clean healthy water. This removes all those contaminants you don’t want and probably didn’t even know were there like lead, chlorine, rust and effluvium.

What about the minerals you want to be in the water? All of the minerals that are supposed to be in the water are protected through this process.

Next, the filtered water flows to the electrolysis chamber. This is where the magic happens. It passes through seven platinum- plated titanium electrode plates. The result is Kangen Water – a water unlike any other. It has a pH of 8.5-9.5 making it alkaline, the completed opposite of the acidic bottled waters.

It has a transformed molecular structure so it forms water molecule clusters one-third the size of non-ionized waters. Its molecules are infused with a large mass of free electrons.

What does all this mean to you? – The alkaline nature helps neutralize acid wastes and remove toxins. The reduced size of the water clusters makes it easier and faster for them to enter cellular walls and tissues.

The free electrons are available to bind with the free oxygen radicals, neutralizing them and their damaging effects. Because water is in or around every one of the 70 trillion cells in our bodies, the rejuvenating and nourishing effects of Kangen Water are experienced by every single cell.


Now here’s the caper: Add Kangen Water to any of the acidic bottled waters and it will neutralize their acidity and actually bring them to the alkaline side. How’s that for healing power?

Image result for kangen waterDrink Kangen Water with highly acidic foods and it will actually counteracts their effects so your body doesn’t have to do it.

Talk about a water that works with you! The thought of changing your lifestyle isn’t quite a daunting as it once was, is it? Just take it one sip at a time…Kangen Water –Water The Way Nature Intended.

It was great talking to Mimi about this new healthy kind of water. The most important Displaying 20160812_154335.jpgpart about it, is that it helps people with some health problems, particularly individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, & others as well.

Mimi: She introduced these methods to us. You can send her an email, if you’re interested in buying this crazy fantastic machine, or asking some questions about it!

Let us get a snack and come back to you promptly, stay cool, & smile ❤

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