1Zumba Bombshell?!

Hello Dear friends & readers! How splendid to have you all with us today!

Thank you & welcome to our words everybody, particularly from the US, Hong Kong SAR China, Vietnam, Uruguay, Latvia, Australia šŸ˜‰

Dear 1Zumba friend, Nancy, what happened to Yelena after that was a series of events; some were detrimental, while others were planned, or at least that was what she thought about them at the time.

When she was in the middle school, her teacher of English language was a short heavy male, white complexion, with very blue eyes, and a cunning deceitfulĀ smile that invaded her privacy every time he looked at her.

She didn’t know how to handle that. She let go as usual, but one day, she was getting into the classroom, when the door was semi-open, and she saw that teacher putting his hands on one of herĀ girlfriends breast, while sitting on a chair, with his back to the board. His both legs were open enough to have that girl right in the middle, in between his legs.

That was the first time ever in her life to see something like that. She was shocked, surprised, curious, frozen, and didn’t know what to do. The class was empty obviously, it was during a break, and nobodyĀ was supposed to be in the classroom.

She pulled herself back quietly, and silently running to the cafeteria Ā in the school. Her heart was beating like never before, and she ran out of breath. In her mind, she couldn’t explain what was going on. She only reacted to what she thought Ā it was not supposed to happen.

When she went back home, she couldn’t tell her guardian about what she saw in the school. In fact, she couldn’t tell anybody about it. She was confused, astonished , n uncertain about people’s relationships. The image of that girl kept coming to her mind over & over again. The way that girl looked like, and how Ā she was kind of paralyzed in complete submission, and that teacher touching or massaging Ā her friends’ breasts non-stopĀ in circles. She did not know how she should feel or react about that!

A big surprise is coming in our next post [To be continued].

Competition Q No.52:


New interesting device which detects brains injuries was introduced to the market lately. It’s a great accomplishment indeed! More?!

Infrascanner Model 1000 Courtesy: Infrascan, Inc.

Collapse could happen in life or in business.Ā What’s important is to stand up again.Ā When you are devastated, you cannot think positively. The best thing to do, is to be ready for bombshells all the time šŸ˜€

Now I think we deserve a break, haha! Let’s talk again in a bit, and until then just try to be good to each other ā¤

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