1Zumba Hong Kong!

Hello & welcome dear friends.

Thank you for visiting us today from the US, Germany, Mexico, Vietnam, Ireland, n Sri Lanka 😉

But nevertheless dreams might be dangerous.


Because sometimes if you had a dream which is not realistic, it might be frustrating. Not only that but it could be a disastrous for other people around you.

I think there are times when we need to say “This is not going to work. Not right now.”

(By this I mean a dream tied to your economic well-being.) It’s a common sense.

Then why are we worried? Because we live in a sub-culture (the mash-up of personal growth, coaching, spirituality) where the right to pursue your dreams is often considered more important than if you can pay your rent or provide a stable life for yourself and your family. Let alone save for possible illness and inevitable old age.


Supposedly you dream of being a movie star, n you wanted that so badly, but you don’t have the skills or the qualities which will take you there, to the very top where you wanted to be.

How miserable you could have become. You wouldn’t know what to do at one point, and you don’t know the consequences. So just remember, you can dream, but it is good to be realistic, it’s good to know your limits! Only fools dream of what they can’t get!

Now, I’m happy to tell you that our 1ZumbaCircles friend, Guilherme Araujo had his very first interview, with another dear member, Gary Cheung . 

Let’s see how the chat went between them:

1. How can you introduce yourself to us?
I am a fitness enthusiast who loves to train myself and help others by training them

2. What’s your job and why do you choose this career?
I became a personal trainer so I can help other achieve their fitness and lifestyle goal.

3. And if you could choose another career which will be and why?
I was a supply chain management professional because we make change for the better in a corporate environment.
4. What’s the biggest challenge that you have passed in your life?

Rehabilitation from three open heart surgeries, three torn ACL, shattered meniscus plate, and two strokes

5. Tell us any funny situation that happened to you.
My entire life is filled with fun, exciting, and joyful memories.

What a great interview. Thank you for both of you! This has been really fantastic chat, and we wish to hear more. I know that there is plenty other interviews coming with Guilherme, which is so promising and inspiring!

We’ll talk some more, in few moments, and until then, here’s my hugs & kisses ❤


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