1Z’s Virtual Crush!

Dear readers and friends, thank you for coming today. Everyday is a new day. A new life. A new project. A new experience!

Our friends from everywhere, especially the US, Austria, Brazil, Slovenia, Philippines, Vietnam, Germany, Canada, & Spain 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, you wouldn’t imagine how my day was today. Decisions! Decisions! And more decisions! It’s killing me 😉

It grabbed my attention, this title, I guess: “Romance in Cyberspace: Understanding Online Attraction” by Alvin Cooper and Leda Sportolari. Probably the reason was that Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries ~ Season 3 Episode 5 - Death and Hysteria: someone of our 1Zumba friends, was asking me the other day, how I felt about the online romantic interaction, for which I couldn’t come up with a specific answer. 

Statistics about the Net and the Web are swirling about the Net and the Web are around us, leaving us excited, disturbed, and often perplexed about what they mean about modem culture and contemporary relating. A recent survey shows 9 million adults are accessing the Internet on a daily basis, and 20 million users are accessing the Web at least once a week (Sandberg, 1996).

Nearly one-quarter of the people in the United States and Canada now have Internet access (Lewis, 1996).

People are electronically interacting while working, learning, relaxing, socializing, and going about their daily business. Much of what we hear about online relating is full of paradoxes: on the one hand, it seems to epitomize the alienation of the modem world, and yet it also leads to the development of supportive and sometimes intensely intimate, even deeply erotic, relationships.

Sex therapists, counselors, and educators may find the abundance of anecdotes, conjectures, and theories put forth about this new electronic frontier quite confusing and difficult to evaluate for themselves and their clients, especially if they’re not yet online themselves.

On the other hand, when you think about it, yes, it could happen, but rarely it would be the perfect match, coz how could it be without touching another person, hearing her/his voice, or smelling her/his being. Most probably that is the reason I have my doubts! 😆

I think it is human for people to want to connect with others. We want to be liked and accepted, and either consciously or otherwise, we tend to seek out and bond with others whom we perceive to be similar to ourselves.

I also think the majority of people who purposely put themselves into social situations–even virtual ones like Second Life (SL)–are generally receptive to interacting with others; otherwise, they’d have their noses in a book or their eyes glued to the television set instead of venturing out.

Dear 1Zumba friend, I’ll say goodbye for now, but I’ll talk more with you; of course, you know that. Love you ❀


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