1Zumba Cuba!

Hello Hello! It’s great to have you all with us!

Welcome and thank you our dear readers and friends from the US, Slovenia, Kenya, Germany, n Philippines 😉

Today we have a new talent in the music world. The new voice talent is from Cuba. We have also our Q.No. from our competition, and I really want to continue Yelena’s story, but probably there wouldn’t be enough time for this inhere.

The truth is that I had in mind another subject for today’s edition, but after discussing few things with our team, we changed the plan, to get to this interview first.

Our 1Zumba friend is from our FB Group: “1ZumbaCircles“. 

  • Greetings. Are you responding to our 1Zumba invitation for an interview? 🙂

  • July 30
  • Sophie Essay, 7/30, 11:55am

    Sophie EssayDo you speak English?

  • July 30
  • Andro Hernandez Fuentes
    7/30, 6:14pm

    Andro Hernandez Fuentesund deutsch auch 😉

  • Great!

    Where are you? 

  • right now in Panama
  • CA 

    What do u do for living?

  •  I’m musician…
  • Sophie Essay

    Great! Do u play an instrument, or compose music, or what? 🙂

  • I’m singing 😉

    Darta Fresh ft. Micky – Le mientes

    Check me out!!! 😌☝🏽👊🏽 Thx and see you soon!!! 🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽

  • Sophie Essay

    8/4, 8:45am 

    Sophie Essay

    This is very nice. Do u have songs in English? Would u send me a member request so I can post your link in our group, if you like (y)

    Great 🙂

    I don’t have already but il make a few 😉

    Great! So

    2- how did you choose this line of work?

  • What du you mean exactly?!

  • I mean, did you develop a hobby since you were a kid to sing? or did you study music and singing? or one of your friends discover your talent?

  • Would you like to have an interview with us similar to this one:

    1Zumba Voice Talent
    …. any talent should be encouraged, in singing, in writing, in dancing, be the one who is positive, pay it forward…..
  • Pls let me know so we can save a spot soon for your interview.

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Of course…

    you can make it 😉

    I wanted always to sing but I couldn’t cause I was in cuba…

    but after more than 5 years here in Europa I van mark rot like I want 🙂

  • https://youtu.be/2RstOS6WHhE

    Juanita – Darta Fresh ft. Micky 

    you can use this for the ZUMBA choreography…

    2- How long have you been in the business of singing?

    3- What is the name of the English song you prepare now?

  • Cool I look it 😉

    I has been all my life dreaming with singing and make my own music and develop my own style

    thats why my new cd name “THE NEW LATIN STYLE”

    so send me s email and I’ll send of the songs picture and more…

    the English name song is The Diva 😉

    See you… and thx DF #dartafresh

    4- What is your preferred color?

    blue green 😉

    5- What other hobbies you like to do?

    Sport reading sleeping movies cooking be chilling with friends running and listening music…

    6- Do you have any message or advice for our readers?

    “Don’t stop dreaming… life is just a text today your alone and just wanna lye sleep or wait till everything be ok but at the next day your be this person that you wanna be don’t lose your metas stay focused and stay positive and be that what you wanna be.

  • Wow! This is really great. So where’s your music base? I mean in which city/country?

    6- Is there any favorite actor/actress/singer?


    from Habana CUBA

    no I don’t have any favorite actor or something like this

    Do you intend to come to the US some time in the future?

    I admire all of them and try to learn a little from all

    yes I’ll do…

    I wanna make a few concerts in Miami…

    – What places you’d like to see?

    the whole world…

  • Haha!

  • Someday I’ll make this and everywhere I’ll write a song 😉



    You can!

    Why not?!

  • yes 🙂

  • Any sport?

    Wrestling running boxing…



    7- Do you have a family? Kids, sisters, etc..

    My family live in Cuba

    we are four brothers and one sisters

    My older one live en Canada 😉

  • we meet is always in Cuba and spend time together…

  • Whose your American Favorite singer?

  • hmm I don’t know exactly 😅

  • I love many musicians…

  •  Which style, country music, rock, etc.?

  • reggae trap pop etc….

    If you were not into music, what other line you would choose?

    I’ll think I’ll were a actor…

  • I need a email adress

  • sophie@1zumba.com

    Pls attache 5-7 photos, so we can publish some of them with your post 🙂

  •  Do you have photos while you are with your band?


    I’ll see..

    Thank you so much for now.


    Thanks you


    “Siento una enorme gratitud por todos los que me dijeron *NO*! Gracias a ellos,lo hice yo mismo! #krsrks #eldarta #chilling #musikoloko #cubancienpro #inlove #blessed
    Andro Hernandez Fuentes
  • Andro Hernandez Fuentes8/8, 2:57pm

    Andro Hernandez Fuentes 

    Dee Reggaetonera y Sangre Nueva added a new photo — with Andro Hernandez Fuentes.
    Dee Reggaetonera y Sangre Nueva
  • Dee Reggaetonera y Sangre Nueva added a new photo — with Andro Hernandez Fuentes.
  • Very nice pictures.

    Thank you.

    So here we are! We need a break definitely! Kisses & hugs ❤


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