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There are many new talents in the air, and everyday we hear new voices. Recently, one talented voice approached us, to introduce him to our world. 

What do you think, my 1Zumba friend?  Of course, we welcome him with open arms, coz we love everyone, and we love to help any talents, and to be part of introducing their specialty to our world.

With us today, the new SuperStar: Claudio Martinez Nunez

Claudio Andres Martinez Nuñez
( Santiago Chile January 20, 1990 ) known as LAND LOVER is a singer, songwriter and model.

"LAND LOVER arrived in Colombia on September 4, 2014   on a whirlwind media tour in "Your   Suitcase" to bring his music also came full of hopes and all desire to love the Colombian general public , with its simplicity , charisma and impeccable professional work."


Since our interview is a bit long, so we agreed to have it in two parts: this will be our first part, and the next one, will be soon I promise.

Sure you can share his songs or videos especially if you know Spanish, this will be fun for you, and even if you speak English only, or any other language, you would enjoy the music and the rhythm at least.

“LAND LOVER began his career very young at age 13 made his first song in which I keep working . Formed his first band called “The Blingdao Reggaeton” in which they appeared in several TV show being recognized and making Santiago .”


“Over time the group broke up and followed LAND LOVER alone in his musical career as a solo serving 17 years of age and most experienced solo part telonenando J Alvarez , De la ghetto, Franco the Gorilla , also opening for Alexis y Fido Jowell and Randy among others.

And several years of work LAND LOVER turns 23 years of age where it is already known for its music and start recording their first album called  "Flow Chile" where artists involved Internartional size . 24 -year-old finished his first album  in Colombia having much success."
"In March 2015 he starts working Rene Calderon (musician , conductor ) by a commercial romantic bachata called Si Tu Te Vas. Also participating in the new song of Wendy Sulca doing a rap of 15 seconds in the new song of the artist of Peru. LAND LOVER makes clear that dreams are to meet them never to stop fighting and work hard and quietly
LAND LOVER shows a video clip with Luciano Maluco called Vai Vai very successful both in Radio and TV, which start promoting the program Mucho Gusto MEGA channel. After making several visits at different radii of the country the song and video clip is already playing in Mexico , Brazil, Colombia , Chile, USA, among other countries."
[To be continued]

[Original Spanish Text]

Thank you 1Claudio for sharing your success with us all in 1Zumba.com, & allow us to call you our 1st 1Zumba  Voice Talent 😉

Our dear readers, thank you for being with us in this special post, and soon we will talk again about a new pleasant topic. Until then keep connecting with us, and send us all the comments you can. Love you all 😉

Lanzamiento Mas Que un beso en Discoteque con toda la prensa nacional 
Instrusos nota anunciando cancion Mas que un beso 
Entrevista Radio Valparaiso del single Vai Vai con Luciano Maluco 
Gira Colombia Radio Tropicana 

Gira Colombia Cartagena de Indias Tv 
Matinal Mucho Gusto ( Chile ) canal MEGA promocionando Vai Vai
Cantando programa SQP canal CHV ( Chile ) 
Sonando programa Con Ganas ( Mexico ):

Promocionando Video clip Te Vi Pasar en Tv 

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