The True Winner!

It’s beyond words! Only today, you made the decision that no one else dare to take! 😉 Millions of “Welcome back” dearest readers and friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Netherlands, India, Bangladesh, Qatar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Italy, Argentina, Austria, Vietnam, Greece, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, Barbados, Spain, Israel, South Korea, and Philippines! 😉

. Big Words!
. Huh? 
. That’s what your media use to manipulate your thinking.
. Just only for selling purposes.
. Proud that you figure it out!Shop Few Moda

Overwhelmingly absurd, that is how it should all be described. It’s irritating and could be false or true, it doesn’t matter!


One of my brightest students were standing in the hallway, in a small circle, talking politics. I was using the copier, and the door was open. I was able to hear their talk.

Few ModaTas said: “It could be nobody reported that, right? How would you be sure that there was a whistle-blower in the first place, if none was identified? If it was a ghost, as it seemed to be, so it’s nothing. It’s probably one of the weird ideas to gain some propaganda.”

I thought: “Really? It’s a valid theory, why not?”

Nico: “Both parties can’t reveal the whistle-blower identity, coz there was none. It’s all a play to fool the masses and keep them busy, until they deplete all the people’s resources; all what’s there in the pockets of the poor US people”

In my mind: “Of course, it’s their only motive all the time, to keep the job going, investigations, the fat biggest check possible. People know that by now..,but until when they will keep turning their heads aside? Or may be it’s not what it looks to be” 🙄

Stacey: “Look at the extravagance of everything they do. Everything! It’s out of your pocket. You pay them to give you that show, and to keep you under their control: pay pay pay.”

Ufff, people are quite unhappy; torn away inbetween two spheres that keep colliding”, I continued having thoughts while copying!

Sometimes you’ve got two options: you like one of them more than the other, but the temptation of the less liked one is higher than the one that you really liked. Ultimately, you’d choose the one that you liked less, where you didn’t want to be, but you’d satisfy your temptation instinct.:lol:

this could be applicable to many streams in your life, but it could be stupid, coz what the hell is that: keeping busy with philosophical vibes? Without living your beautiful life?SeaBear SmokehouseNow I remember that I didn’t go to a park on the 2nd of October; and you know what? I don’t even remember the reason not to do that. I guess, I need another chance. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance. Who said that it’s a rule? It doesn’t have to be. I’ll give myself a 2nd chance, and this time let me set it for the 9th, so it’s one week later than the first timing. Make sure that you take pictures, if you were going to try it too. 🙂Modo BathDid it ever happen to you?

Calling a phone number everyday for almost a week. You leave voice message a day after day, and nobody return your call. It’s so weird, right?

Then it just occur to you, probably you were calling the wrong number. You check up the number, then you figure out why no-one picked up the phone and why your calls or messages were not answer.

It was all because of ONE single wrong digit!!! 😡  😆It's time to update your wardrobe! Shop now for new Plus SizeTUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks 728x90There’s still some more fresh materials to talk about: the new flip-flop whistle-blower, the return of the American soldiers home, the insane gas prices, the mentally challenged new project in SF, and the most famous President on Earth!YouWinSophie

Until we chat again, send your comments, get all your inspiration, be ready for surprises, arm yourself with forecasting, with our hugs and kisses

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