Tears & Cheers!

Admitting your guilt opens a door for redemption! 😉 Thank you friends from the US, India, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand 😉

It’s quite rare to try to race the time, but we do race with time every single day. Time is always a winner. You can’t beat it, or can you?

Anyway, you must have heard about the sexual assault that was claimed against Bill Cosby, a very famous and rich guy, who was one day named America’s dad in the past. Unfortunately, there is a number of guys who wealth and fame make them feel they can do anything they want, but the truth must come out.

In this case, would you know for sure if it was true or not? I don’t think so. Many Image result for bill cosbypeople said it couldn’t be truth; while others said more than fifty women described intimate details that proved that they were sexually assaulted.

You would feel sorry for these women if their stories were true. The allegations against Bill Cosby were numerous and different in nature including: rapedrug facilitated sexual assaultsexual batterychild sexual abuse, or sexual misconduct.

The state of California changed its statute of limitation for rape crimes once convictions took place, which is great but how about the reasons for having time limits? There must have been good reasons for that, not that we are against it, but just wondering, or why else was it followed for all those years?

We’ll talk some more about this, but until then just stay around our topics with our hugs and kisses


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