California Poverty?!

Thank you for having us as part of your day! 😉 Friends and families from the US, Trinidad & Tobago, Taiwan, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, the UK, and Hong Kong SAR China, welcome back everyday! 😉

It’s quite startling to see commercials in your TV asking for donation to cover needs of other countries’ people, while your own people live in under poverty conditions. Facts here about poverty in California. Read the numbers here, and ignore the lies of 4th strong economy.

Go to Berkeley, CA or Oakland, CA and see how real people live. The only way now they can live is to reside in groups. Mostly not any one person rent by herself. It’s a phenomenal living.

Why do they do that?
It’s the only way to survive in that area, housing is sky-limit expensive.

Why don’t they go somewhere else?
It’s their families, relatives, communities, they want to live here until death. This is their choice. Some people just can’t leave their birth place, it’s that simple.Buckle.comCA definitely needs a saver. People are dying of hunger or being homeless or released from mental hospitals roaming the streets. CA people needs more help than any outer aliens.

Californians deserve better! It’s a real misery. It’s more than anyone can imagine, but it’s buried or used by corrupted group. The majority of its survivors are not living, only struggling to live a decent life. Trump is the only one who can clean up this mess!sophiechannel

Until we talk again, think about it, take an action, talk about it to help us in this issue, send your comments or suggestions,  and it’s hard with our hugs and kisses ❤

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