It’s a bigger deal than you’d ever think! 😉 Thanks for being here dear friends from the US and India! 😉

It’s hard to decide about your budget for food when you only have X amount of money to spend on your food.

This is what Araam, a student, mentioned when he explained to us how he lives on $190.00/month being disable unemployed and suffered from physical issues.

Natalie tried to figure out what she could buy for food for such an amount of money, at the present time, from the food market she regularly went to, saying that it was not a fancy grocery place like others, and that  mostly middle class people shop there.Livingon the Edge

You shouldn’t feel bad about that. You’re not guilty of anything. What should be done is to ask the Social Service Offices, is $ 190 enough for one person to eat for a whole month? If you add up the above food items (which cover one week) will count up for over $225.00! 😥  🙄

Hungry people need more money to live decently. Now you have not only the homeless but also the hungry ones in your country- the USA.

Until we chat again, just think about solutions and write about it. It’s good to care and engage with our hugs and kisses ❤


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