Spinach Carota!

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Actually today Nora gave us a nice recipe for your lunch or dinner: It’s “Spinach Carota”, that is what she called it. 20180731_121243.jpg

. Carrots  5 small
. Spinach 2 full large spoons
. Eggs 2-3
. Chicken 5 slices
. Mushrooms 3-5 medium size
. Cheese
. Onions 1 (small grated)
. Butter/Corn Oil (Your preference)SOUL

. Mix the eggs with the spinach very well. You can use a mixer.

. Cut the mushrooms into small pieces and add slight pinch of salt to them.
. Grate the onions very smoothly and add the chicken slices to it.
. Cut the boiled carrots into small rings.
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. Add the onions and when they turn yellow, add your mushrooms.
. Finally put your mixture of eggs and spinach, and stir it slowly and increase the heat a little bit.
. Right before the whole dish getting well cooked, add the carrots and the cheese!

This dish can take 15-20 minutes, and it serves 2 plates. Bon appétit! Qatar Airways Worthy Lovely Wholesale

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Until we chat again, enjoy your meal among our topics, with our hugs and kisses

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