CA Urgent-Reform!

Welcome and thank you for being here dearest readers and friends. It’s such a great day to have you all from the US, China, Indonesia, Germany, Argentina, Venezuela, Hungary, Singapore, Canada, Vietnam, Ukraine, the UK, India, Italy, Honduras, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Nepal! 😉

I think I’m getting sick not posting satisfying amount of articles recently. I’m totally serious about this. If you were a writer, take advice and never stop writing. Frankly-speaking, I never stop writing not even for one single day, but I wrote in other outlets not in This is what I mean.SophieJudgeHammer2-27-2019

Bonny said: “What is it that you need to know. Let me do the research for you. I assure you quality results and amazing facts”. If you want to know more about the corruption that honorable judges face nowadays in CA, pls read this:

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compensation: $15.00 per clipboard
This is a great job to pick up some extra money on your spare time or you can do it full time if you are currently looking for a job. You will have an opportunity to not only make extra money but help kids that are victims of the judges handing them out to the highest bidders. We are RECALLING 3 CORRUPT JUDGES IN WALNUT CREEK. Looking for more petitioners as we have a deadline we need to meet by April.
We need 100,000 signatures to recall the 3 judges in Walnut Creek.

You will be getting paid $15.00 per clipboard. On every clipboard there are 3 pages, each page for a different judge-10 signatures per page. When you get someone to sign that person must sign 3 times once for every judge, once on each page. If you do this correctly you will only need 10 people to sign to receive $15.00 There is no hourly pay.

We have a permit to petition in each city that is considered Contra Costa County and we are looking for at least 50 more petitioners in ALL CITIES. If your interested or have questions please shoot me a text for more information and to set up a meeting. As there is high response it is to hard to answer calls and easier to set up appointment and answer questions. Please text Dawn at (925)586-5534
Brentwood, antoch, pittsburg, pleasent hill, Martinez< San Ramon Lafayette- ALL CONTRA COSTA AREAS

Do you see to what extent the corruption in the State of California is growing up? That was an online ad that pays people pennies to get rid of judges. Can you imagine how vicious  and corrupted this is.Share your unique link, both you and your friends get usd 30 off for your next booking. Shop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at!But there is a saying: “If the lead of the house held an instrument, there’s no surprise if  the whole family was dancing.” In other words, if the CA administration was in the corruption business, you shouldn’t be surprised to see lines of corruption published publicly with no shame.

There has been a lot of comments when Bonny showed up that ad, but you’ll read about it in our next post.

Until then, keep enjoying being alive, get involved with action and events around you, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel


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