Patience will take you to where you want; it’s your companion in your life journey! 😉 So delighted to have you all back to our pages; especially friends from the US, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Greece, and Finland!  😉

It’s not about greed or immorality, it’s rather about rudeness and someone who is galootacting rather like a galoot!

A galoot is a person who is acting weird, foolish, and in strange way. It is not a popular word coz it also involves abuse and bullying.

Linda felt threatened by a galoot who is working with her. She said he was bossing her although he was not her boss or her supervisor; but he enjoyed giving her hard time. Linda asked for an advice that could enable her of avoiding that galoot. She added that she complained about him to her manager, but instead of correcting the situation, her manager asked her to do whatever that galoot asked her to do.


Of course she felt miserable, but she didn’t give up. Instead she reached to us and to you her friends online. Bobby, my student, prepared a bunch of tips that would help Linda a lot in her ordeal.

You’ll be reading it in a moment in our next post. 

Until then go on and search our topics for some answers, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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