Vanquish the Galoot!

You can always use some good news to calm down any storm inside of you! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US and India!  😉

Definitely there is always a solution for every problem, or this is at least what you hope for; however, in some situations, when the boss is the bully, the case is more complicated.

For Linda’s case, it was not her boss, but her boss agreed and implicitly approved with her co-worker, who was abusing her. Therefore the best way to deal with it is to play your defense plan tactically quite quite. Take it one step at a time. 

If you were like Linda, who was a delicate female type, you need to follow the same steps that Christina reached at after doing her research.

Cashmere in Love


. Limit the time of being around that bully. Change your schedule or availability whenever possible. If you can do that, it would save you a lot of trouble. Just remember that that kind of defense is a passive one; meaning that there could be another bully in another shift that you choose, and in that case, you’d go to square one again.

. Be confident, serious, and ready for laughing back at anything the bully tried to say just for the sake of humiliating you; turn it back on him. If he said, for example: “It’s the wrong page, smart girl”. Respond: “You tell me, I can’t keep up with your intelligence”, and laugh from your heart.

Cashmere in Love. Kick away any fear in your heart towards that bully. He is in reality so fable so little but he wants to have a camouflage that would protect his insecurity.

.  When he asked you to do something, pretend that you were busy. Once or twice or more , you would get rid of his bullying.

.  Ignore him without being impolite.

.  Every time he tried to ridicule you, smile and pretend that you were in a hurry, and that you had something more important to do than listening to his words.

.  Not giving the bully a chance to practice his abusive behavior is one killing weapon, use it without mercy.

. Engage in conversation with other polite coworkers who appreciate you and respect you. You’ll find decent people around you.

. Spot empowering girls, who appreciates other girls. A strong female who does not favor male over female. As you know there is that type of females who would smile from ear to ear when they are around men or males, while they will hardly smile at females like themselves. The second type of females will not support you in your pursue of defeating that bully, but the first ones will be willing to ridicule him and pay back what he did for you.

Although it is not a war between men and women, but the more parties in your side will help you protect yourself and your pride from that awful bully. And Good luck!

Until we chat again, get your inspiration from our pages, try to imagine how cool it is to write your best piece ever, with our hugs and kisses ❤



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