Labor Day 21!

Reputation used to be very important. “Used to be?”! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends everywhere: the US, the UK, Cyprus, India, South Africa, Malaysia, Nigeria, Germany, France, Brazil, Netherlands, Qatar, Croatia, Pakistan, Canada, Tanzania, Australia, China, Taiwan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cameroon, Hungary, Colombia, Italy,  Mexico, Poland, Chile, Ecuador, Ireland, Uruguay, Turkey,   Philippines, South Korea, Denmark, Bulgaria, … More Labor Day 21!

What’s Going on?

Always, you’re the best, thank you for being here, everyone from everywhere in our beautiful world; the US, Trinidad & Tobago, Nepal, the UK,  Canada, Hungary, South Africa, Ukraine, Mexico, Australia, India, and Philippines! 😉 Important questions to ask: What is the job of the Congress according to the original US Constitution? “All legislative Powers … More What’s Going on?

Your Fit Feet!²

²Hi there! Welcome back friends and readers from the US, and India 😉 Seriously-speaking, you might be one of the people who now believe in using massaging for their feet in order to get rid of some health symptoms. If this is the case, the good news is that it works for many, and the … More Your Fit Feet!²

Unpaid 30!

You’re here, and we love you. Keep coming! We always have something new for you. Thanks friends and readers from the US, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand, Laos, and Philippines 😉 She- Let me think a little bit.  He- Haven’t you been thinking the whole day? She- Yes He- So isn’t it enough for … More Unpaid 30!