CA-Real Estate Down by Rats!

Real Real Estate  problem in California, but few talk about it secretly! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, India, Canada, & Hong Kong SAR China! 😉

Stan and others, who live downtown LA are similar to other people who live in different areas of California, started seeing big rats roaming the streets without any fear of humans.

It’s a real serious problem that we talked about before when it was discovered in some of the stores in Concord and Clayton but now it’s getting bigger. It’s no longer in one city, it’s spreading in all the cities of California.

One time when I was parking my car around Lake Merritt-Oakland, I saw a real big rat just walking slowly eating some crumbs of bread.

My friend Lily, a realtor, mentioned that real estate started in the go down due to rats manifestation. “Many houses in the market are occupied by rats, mice, gophers, or other rodents, and this will bring the real estate business down. it’ll tear it apart. Nobody would buy a nice external image, while it’s killing to live in it,” she confirmed.

Not enough attention is given to that size of a problem. With rats growing numbers, don’t be surprised when one day, you’re no longer capable of living in your own home.

Here’s what an eyewitness said:

Qatar Airways

VAN NUYS, CA  – They’re on the roof. They’re in the car. They’re in the trees: rats and lots of them.

Residents said the big rodents are invading.

“At times you’ll see up to 15 or 20, 25, running the roof in lines, like, probably offspring. I’m pretty fed up,” said Jerry, who didn’t want to give his last name, but says he lives next to the house from where, neighbors say, the rats are coming.

He said the huge rats are breeding and coming onto their properties

“Number one concern is my family’s health and the health of my kids and the health of all the immediate neighbors, even the people living in the house. It just smells like if you’ve ever smelled a rat’s … a dirty hamster cage.”

Jerry said he contacted the Health Department and they referred him to Vector Control.

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