Republican CA?!

They are covetous of you only coz you’re always ahead of them! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US and Canada! 😉

They didn’t challenge him yet in turning California into a Republican State; but if they did, they know they’d lose!

That is what it is all about. The left is deadly scared of turning all the people in California into Republicans, and apparently it is happening. “They can’t prevent it coz they are phony and full of crab,” as Miranda, Bill, and Margaret said.Shop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at!

Not only that, Dems allow and encourage illegal undocumented people to vote in the US election, which is against the US Constitution! 

Any opposition for the walls is only a justification of let in more aliens in your country to vote for the Democrata who give a lot of promises to provide for those aliens from your own money, from your own pocket. It’s the worst system ever.

Free CA from Dems! They are against any security or any progress for CA or for the entire country. They only aim at securing their own seats to get the big fat paychecks. 

California Corruption:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one analysis found that money (involved in over half of the studied cases) and power (involved in all of the studied cases) appear to drive corruption in California. In a number of cases, officials’ campaign debt or personal desire for money drove them to steal or abuse taxpayer dollars.IGXO Cosmetics In others, illegally-obtained campaign funds influenced political and policy outcomes for both political parties. For example, in 2011, campaign fundraiser Alexander Hugh reimbursed donor’s campaign contributions with cash (an illegal practice used to circumvent campaign donation limitations) in the successful elections of two Los Angeles County officials.

When police officers (involved in 16 of studied cases) are indicted, they present a roadblock to justice. For example, let’s say a police officer arrests a suspect and is expected to testify as a witness in the suspect’s upcoming trial. Meanwhile, the police officer is indicted for his own crime. Due to his conviction, the officer can no longer serve as a reliable witness in his suspect’s upcoming trial, thus jeopardizing the case against the suspect.Share your unique link, both you and your friends get usd 30 off for your next booking. In the recent King City police misconduct case, District Attorney Terry Spitz faced a similar situation. He dismissed three criminal cases because his witnesses included officers accused of other crimes. The prosecutors believed those three cases could not be won without the officers’ testimonies.

On average, among the 70 cases, the instances of corruption were ongoing and occurred over the course of three years, indicating long periods of undetected misconduct. Further, considering that 14 crimes lasted at least 5 years, there is clearly a deficiency in California with regard to reporting or detecting long-term ongoing misconduct by public officials.

Now, if all this corruption is going on in California, is it possible that the governor is part of that? Does he not know about all that corruption  going on? He has his own agenda, of course. He wanted to sign as many bills as possible to give $$$$$ billions to some  specific departments, right?


A huge scandal here for Dem party unfortunately.

A corruption at the Congress:

Why Some Are Upset

Despite claims of every critic of Rep. Omar being Islamaphobic or anti-Semitic themselves, that isn’t entirely accurate. There have been cases of Jewish Americans coming forward saying the allusion to money, a common trope wrongfully placed on the Jewish community was hurtful.

Rep. Omar would later apologize for that aspect of her tweets but remained strong to the corrupting influence of an organization like AIPAC.


Media does nothing to corruption, talk nothing about corruption, but when they see a successful businessman, they want to tear him down, pushing him to defend his wealth, it is so odd, isn’t it?

Until we talk again, enjoy your weekend, with all the rain we have and all the noise coming from everywhere, stick to our posts, with our hugs and kisses ❤Related imagesophiechannel
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