Walls March!

Dearest wonderful friends and readers from everywhere: the US, New Zealand, Nepal, Slovakia, Philippines, Norway, Czech Republic,Italy,the UK, Australia, Canada, Luxembourg, Poland, and India! 😉

It’s getting very interesting!

The interviewer did not want to give his guest a chance to speak. He wanted to be dominating the whole interview, but nevertheless Miller was capable of giving clear answers. My team liked the following clip, they played it over and over again.

Very nice line he said: “You don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t catch what you don’t catch”!

As for the question about how many times in the US history a similar situation had happened where the Congress refused to fund a security emergency then the President declared emergency, the answer is: it doesn’t have to be a repetition for a previous situation.

It’s different times, and different situations.

The President doesn’t have to be a replica of someone else; his decisions do not have to match to every single decision that was taken in the past, considering the animosity that the Congress created against him in all of his decisions for no specific reason except that he only cared about the US People and their protection.Share your unique link, both you and your friends get usd 30 off for your next booking.IGXO Cosmetics

All governors in all states should be supporting Mr. Trump in his endeavors to secure your borders. Henry and Tania said that it was crazy not to protect the Southern borders of California, which is against the will of the People of California.

Californians want the walls more than any other state, and this is what the media ignored or worked against it for the sake of the left party. Actually it is better for California to be a Republican State due to all the corruption that exist in its present administration. We’ll tell you the secret behind the new governor who didn’t want the walls, in our next post.

Until then, get your voice heard for completing the walls in California, and continue the march with us to the very top end, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel

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