The kind and the vicious are unequal! 😉  Very nice friends from the US, Taiwan, Qatar, Australia, Kenya, Mexico, Finland, Spain, the UK, Hungary, Nigeria, Belarus, Germany, and India! 😉

You want people to come to your country, but to come legally. Your President loudly said that he represented you and everyone else in the USA. Never mind what faith you are or what religion you have.

Your President is smart! He has a good vision of how projects should be! Complete the walls to see the good revenue that would come to your treasury.


Visiting the USA will become simple fast and practical via these smart walls. You’d give your info upfront, and go to the window pay your fees and proceed to the nearest entrance, and Voilà you are in the USA.

This is how some students saw the walls: a legal entrance for all creeds.

Until we chat again, expect more and you’d get it somewhere in our posts, with our hugs and kisses sophiechannel

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