CA/US Illegal Invasion!

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He is not CA governor but he is the US President, which is quite a difference. A new governor with no prior experience in leadership or in business, losing 3 billion dollars of Federal money or tax payers money, and he had the guts to criticize someone who has been truly successful so far in turning things around to get it to the right path.

“The political theater”, as the CA governor called it, has been always there forever, but, of course, it is hard for that governor to realize that. What is wrong with having Shop now!a political theater. At least the people would know what’s going on. Who is stealing what, who is corrupted and who wasted the fast train’s money on God knows what. 

The CA problems the governor can not and will not be able to handle. He’s been in that position only being the nephew of Pelosie, that is all. It’s a family business to be within the class of people who govern this state unfortunately.

Mr. Trump is far liked by people in CA than its governor. The majority of Californians dislike the new governor, and of course this is killing him. They do not USA Car Recordknow where or who brought that governor to that chair yet. It’s Nancy. He is her nephew. He’s acting like a spoiled teenager or a college student, rather than a mature confident person.

He should try to learn from Trump how to run a huge number of population   fairly and respectfully. The governor should respect his superior. He forgot that Trump is his President and that the governor is under the President’s leadership. Is there a chain of command?

A for immigrants, who are you kidding? Mr. Trump repeatedly announced that he wanted people to come legally, so if they came legally there was no problem. But the truth is that, you accept illegal people and that is your huge wrong doing. You’ll pay for that coz you bring more problems to our state.Image result for trump visit to the Mexico bordersYou’ll be held accountable for all the wasted money that was taken under corruption category. You’ll be on the top of that list.

People will not tolerate any more CA corruption. You put people under a lot of living pressure claiming that you solve their problems but you don’t. You do the opposite all the time. The gas prices went up again, and the education system sucks, and the food prices went up while the quantity and the quality went down. People sleep in the streets and the Bart stations.

Can you solve any of these problems or your only focus is on getting your check???!

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Never believe a CA politician, all they care for is their huge paycheck. Nothing else they care about, none was proved otherwise so far.

Until we chat again, check on what you’ve missed from our updated posts, with our hugs and kisses ❤



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