Republicans, Where’re You?!

Dearest readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Canada, India, Poland, Netherlands, Ukraine, El Salvador, Belgium, Guatemala, Brazil, and China, thank you for being here! 😉

We talked about some of the good qualities in a leader  in relation to your President, but there is more to it than what you can imagine.

As a businessman, too many people sought his advice, and he generously has given it for many, and even posted it to YouTube as it is here:

As a leader and a president, there is more to his good characteristics, and for that we would name a few that were mentioned in one of my team meetings last week:

USA Car Record. SmartBerrylook
. Daring

. Quick
. Energetic
. Experienced
. Witty
. Focused
. Family-man
. Diplomatic
. Achiever
. Engaging
. Entertaining
. Realtor-Nature
. A man of his words
. Good listener

Tammy mentioned:SophieRepublics

The other thing I like to say about Mr. President is that he invites you to good things: For example, on several occasions, he emphasized that drinking is bad for your health. He spoke about his older brother, and explained his reasons in avoiding being dragged by the bad habits of liquor.Qatar Airways Worthy Lovely Wholesale Until we chat
Speaking about the past and about what he did or didn’t do while competing with other sharks in the NY business market, come on, guys. Do you want to hold him accountable for his past deeds? If you did, you will need to do this for all the people you consider the elite of your society. It’s the truth. If you started digging into the past for any person, you’d find something. And that something you can make it bigger than what you think it could be.
Mr. T. has a mental strength that enables him, at times, to ignore his opponents and their unacceptable mean comments. There is a saying for that: “the best punishment for mean people is to ignore them”. And the most wonderful thing is that nothing Shake him nothing , his roots are deeply stable.

Share your unique link, both you and your friends get usd 30 off for your next booking.IGXO CosmeticsMay be I should have asked them for more details, but I like to listen more than to speak. I like my team to express their own viewpoints without interfering with their thoughts, unless I want to confirm some unclear points.

We hope that you’d join us, and talk about how you feel towards our political system. It’s always good to share your ideas and suggestions. Republicans should do more!

For more to come, just keep sticking to our topics, you’ll explore more, you’ll get inspired, it’s few posts away from you, so do it, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel

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