US Smart Wall!

Be oblivious you’re heading to the moon or beyond! 😉 Hello friends from the US, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Spain, Canada, India, and New Zealand! 😉

The nation is in division either for the wall or against the wall. Use your impartiality, if you can’t, abstain. Disregard your like or dislike to any person to act logically if you were a true citizen.untitled-design-23

Do you think that during the Medieval Age, there was a hidden technology that history forgot to reveal for us? “Medieval age” is the period  lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. 

“Medieval Age” can be used also for “primitive” or “old-fashion” description. Thus, neither meanings can be applicable to our beautiful US “Smart Wall”. For some people, language might be difficult to understand or use appropriately.I think Mr. President mentioned that the wall is steel connected to smart technology. It is a technically-speaking “Smart Wall“.


Of course, and this should have been understood by intelligent people, the President will not give full detailed description for the nature of the wall; otherwise, the technological defense secrets behind our “Smart Wall” will be useless.

Putting hinders to prevent this giant project should only come from either enemies to the people or mentally retarded folks.

Until we chat again, secure your borders, and protect your families. Walls work and this “Smart Wall” might be the best project ever that has been initiated by any US president  in a long time, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel



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