Night Food!

Glowing more and more! 😉 Hello friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, India, and Italy! 😉

Do you know how hard it is to go to sleep while you’re hungry? It’s real pain in the guts! 🙂 Adam was so hungry yesterday, he called me at 9 pm complaining about his stomach calls. He felt so bad about his hunger episodes and asked if I had any suggestions for that.

As usual I googled a  little bit to answer his question more specifically. Sure enough, you can find all these kinds of inviting plates, which you’d be seduced to eat but not out of hunger but out of their delicious look. Adam’s first question was:sophienightmeal1

I thought it would be cruelty to deny yourself eating just because you’re scared of gaining weight. What you can do is to eat but with caution not to have heavy unhealthy meal. You can try some fruits. When I myself feel hungry at night time, I try drinking water first then if it was not thirst, I’ll try an apple or a banana.Geekstore

image* What can I eat at night without gaining weight?
You can start with Chamomile for a drink, it will give you relaxing mode. Then you’d have the options of kiwi, turkey with little salt, fish, almond, banana milk  shake, or walnut.
Coltorti Boutique

* What is the best food to eat at night?
Light food such as fruits especially cherries and bananas; or  light meat – turkey or fish. 


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