For the best, cheers! 😉 Welcome back dear friends from everywhere: the US, Spain, Brazil, Canada, India, and Belgium 😉

Sometimes life brings you funny situations to surprise you. You act to your best but still it may leave some memory- good or bad it all depends.

A guy, on the day of his wedding, ready to say his vows to his bride, then he felt his belly was moving like having a diarrhea, he ran to the restroom forgetting all about Related imageanything else, would you blame him?

An actress was scheduled for a romantic scene for one of her movies: she had to kiss her man in that shot, but every time the camera ran on, she stepped back away from him. He had a strong onions breath and she didn’t want to embarrass him or herself, so she withdrew from that act, after having an upset stomach. Would you blame her?

A famous actor while hosting a live show, when he was about to announce a winner’s name, got his allergy from his suit, and started itching his back, his pockets, his shirt, and the audience were laughing thinking that that was part of the show. The truth was that his skin was burning. He had to run to his room taking a cold shower to save his body from the funky materials that caused him that allergy. Would you blame him?


A model with a cute smile, her first part was to lick an ice-cream cone, but her day of shooting coincided with her teeth pain, and her dentist’s advice not to drink or eat cold food until the following day. Knowing that many other girls were waiting to hijack her role, she went on with that order and started her modeling with the ice-cream, pretending that she was the happiest one on Earth, while in fact, in her own mind, she was cursing whoever invented that idea of an ice-cream cone. Would you blame her for that?

Until we chat again, give yourself a laugh from time to time. Life is short no matter how long you live. Remember to get inspired by our topics, always with our hugs and kisses

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