Strange Fruit!

Nothing can keep you away from the feeling of being successful! 😉 Welcome the US, the UK, Australia, Kenya, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, India, Canada, Germany, and Ghana 😉

Among the things that grabbed my attention is one of the art groups who is performing in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria.

Their fantastic pictures will do the same for you. See for yourself, and if you like them, you can just go to their website to have more info, in case you can visit Australia. 🙄


Swoon IMG_0392

I guess now you understand what I mean. It’s new kind of art mixing dancing, circus moves, and different dimension all together.

They call themselves “Strange Fruit” which is reflects creativity in their thinking. You certainly like fruits and or some fruits, and mostly would be curious to know what kind of strange fruit that you still don’t know about.

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Until we talk again about more art in the air, get into the habit of checking on our topics, you’d find the right things that would inspire your mind, with our hugs and kisses

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