Subs’ Catastrophe!

Yep! The good is yet to come! Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Australia, Germany, France, Ukraine, India, the Philippines, the UK, Romania, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Iraq, Honduras, China, France, Taiwan, Russia, Albania, Italy, Austria, Ghana, Romania, Venezuela, Spain, Japan, Malaysia, European Union, Hungary, South Africa, Serbia, Hong Kong SAR China, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Netherlands! 😉

Before asking any question, why are you asking it?


Out of boredom, killing the time, a problem you face, a curiosity to satisfy, or answering somebody else’s question?

Now people ask questions and you feel awkward about some of them, or may be, sometimes, they are very private questions, although your privacy has all gone away, long time ago. GeekBuying.comJust remember that time measurement is different from one to another:

For Sam, 1 hour is a lot, but for Amy 15 min counts endless, and both are seen very short time by Josh. So when you say that you met someone long time ago, it could be weeks, months, or years. It all depends on your definition of “long time ago”.

It’s nice weather today! You, nevertheless, need to decide what to do in advance. May be it would be regrettable for you if you spent the day in bed doing nothing. May be watching TV or video wouldn’t be the right thing to do while having this wonderful typically Autumn feel weather.Lovely WholesaleBerrylook 5% off for Your First OrderWith you, someone shared this:

From Andrea:  Substitute teacher placed on a long-term assignment in a classroom with a current litigious case. I feel my presence in the classroom puts me at risk legally. If the parents add my name to their complaint to the Dept of Ed, what protections do I have? I am employed through an educational staffing agency, not through the district. Is this something I would have to hire a lawyer for?

It's time to DENIM! Up to 60% off, Shop nowFrom Lauren: 

“I am also a substitute and have been substituting for approximately 4 years. Full time teachers in my most recent position were rude and quick to comment negatively about my performance. Most of their comments were extremely petty, and the negative comments came trickling in to the administration only a week into the school ….”

50% Off Select Filtration SystemsFrom Matt:

Do you know how hard it is to live on substitute teaching wages in the first place? I get food stamps. I’m BELOW poverty level (9000.00 per year). I am a single parent and also have my grandson living with me. I’ve been substitute teaching in hopes that one day I’ll get called to be a permanent teacher. Well, it’s been 2 years since I graduated, and not one bite.

The Atlantic Magazine published in 2016 that:

Substitute teaching has to be education’s toughest job. I’m a veteran teacher, and I won’t do it; it’s just too hard. The role magnifies the profession’s biggest challenges—the low pay, the insufficient time to plan, the ordeals of classroom management—into an experience that borders on soul-crushing. At the same time, the job drains teaching of its chief joy: sustained, meaningful relationships with students. Yet in 2014, some 623,000 Americans answered school districts’ early-morning calls to take on this daunting task.lead_720_405

Now in 2019, the number in CA is tripled. Sub-teachers can hardly live like a human being. It is said that they are being foolish when they accept a job hoping that it would turn out one day into a real teacher.

Although many of these sub-teachers are higher in qualifications than the teachers in schools who many of them happen to be, in reality, teachers assistants only graduates of high-school, or 2 yrs college. They are not even qualified like someone with a master degree in education or a PH.D. In class management, but they were able to find the port which took them to the job.

Teachers are people like you and I. You wonder why they act like this with their colleagues of sub-teachers. May be it’s a competition over earnings?!sophiechannelWhy will you be standing against Iran. Iranian people are simple ordinary people who want to live in peace, like any other people. What kind of proof do you have in order to judge them that they were the ones behind that gas game??

Could it be the SA who did this to raise the prices of gas the way it was before that incident took place? Think about it. It’s the same old scenario that is happening over and over again. Old movies are kept repeated using new actors. Who is the victim in this? Your healthiest youth, whom you’re sending to protect others, while your youth are the most to need protection. Hate and war have the utmost prices to be paid.sophiechannelEM Cosmetics

Until we chat again, pay attention! You’re in the right place, and you’ll be getting the facts as is. Just stick to our notes and posts with our hugs and kisses ❤

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