Employees vs. Entrepreneurs!

If you have the luxury of quitting your job and enjoying life, do it! 😉 Welcome back dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, India, Canada, South Africa, the UK, and Germany😉

Liz said: “Last week on a job interview the interviewer asked me, “What makes you a great employee? I thought of you right away! I figured you would hate that question. I said, “I’m a great employee because I do my work and then I try to help other people” and immediately I felt like a ten-year-old kid in Boy Scouts again. Why do interviewers love to make people job-seekers beg for the job with questions like ‘What makes you a great employee?'”

SeaBear Smokehouse

What about if you don’t want to be an employee any more, and instead you decided to open your own business and to be your own boss..

It’s not easy for you and it’s not easy for your employer as well:

Part 1: My Best Employee Wants a Raise

Part 2: My Best Employee Wants to Quit

Part 3: My Best Employee Wants a Partnership

Part 4: My Best Employee Wants to Start Their Own Business

SeaBear Smokehouse

SeaBear Smokehouse






Employers need to choose the right recruiters for their firms. Failure of recruiters to convey the right message about their employers would make many prospective applicant to step back and find another job. Image result for quitting your job

You, as a good employee, will need to feel secured an appreciated in your new job, or else why would you waste your time? You’ve got to have a good pay and a good system of work, not like places where you have a rotating schedule where you’ll never have a two similar shifts. It’s a torture rather than work, right?!

Until we chat again, continue your digging  deeper into our topics, you’ll find your true inspiration, and always expect more, with our hugs and kisses


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