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Is it legal to dissolve the Congress?

A question that was raised up by a number of students, and one of them sent us that link.DysfunctionSome war contractors want to drag the US into an endless war. Any low intelligent person can see that.

It’s not our war!

In fact, it’s nobody’s war!

Some fake media kept bringing the News of the Kurds, the Syrians, and the Turks as if it’s the last war on Earth, and as if the US is responsible for that area.

Why would you have your own son, daughter, or any relative sent there or killed there ? to protect what? or who? Why was it OK to have Afghani  kids and women  killed? Can you see how they fool you?

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USA Car RecordCashmere in LoveWhy don’t they focus on your homeless people? On your mentally challenged people? Why don’t they ask for building homes instead of spending this money on war?


Nunn BushFocus on protecting your own life a little bit. Don’t keep going in circles, the way the upper class wants you to keep doing.

Being in a vortex after another is killing you alive!

You are not living your life:

You can’t live in a decent house.

You can’t secure a stable job.

You can’t spend enough on Gas.

You can’t have enough in your pocket to cover your family on a monthly basis.

Are you blind? Can’t you see the poverty and the homelessness almost in every State right now?

Did you hear the “8 Trillion Dollars” that were spent in the Middle East Wars? With no return except dead bodies.sophiechannel

Do you understand what that meant?

Cashmere in LoveThey care only to spend your money on their big checks and their agenda: investigations until the end of their term. Are you out of your mind? Can’t you see the problems surrounding you? Your Congress is wasting your money, your rights, and your stability.

Dissolve that Dysfunctional Congress”, Claire started repeating and others joined her.

May be at this point, this would be the perfect step to be taken by the US People. The mainstream is boiling with anger seeing all that money wasted and the low and the middle classes are vigorously smashed. 😦US Lead in Peace

Until we chat again, you need to decide what you should do about it, or just be a reader and observer for our posts, with our hugs and kisses

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