Be In-Love!

There are many sensational things in your world, do you enjoy any of them?! Here, you’d get one! 😉 Sure you would dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Greece, the UK, China, Sweden, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Venezuela, India, Brazil, Taiwan, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Israel, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, South Africa, Morocco, Bahrain, Croatia, Thailand, Netherlands, Iraq, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, and Nigeria! 😉

In only two months, you’ll be saying goodbye to this year 2019, are you ready for the New Year?!Shop Few Moda50% Off Select Filtration SystemsMarco, Lety, Julia, and Isabella had some suggestions about that, but among all the actions of weather conditions that are going on right now in CA, it’s really hard to enjoy or talk about the future as they expressed.

Gusty wind brought the unknown to CA withing the last few days: fires, evacuations, flying embers, stormy winds, it’s nothing that you’ve seen before. Marco said: ” Could that be related to any of the satellite that were sent to our outer globe? Many satellites programs were active lately and we had no idea about what they’re doing related to the weather conditions? is there a kind of an app controlling part of the weather on each state? nothing is revealed to us as usual”

“Teacher, do you think that those conditions are just a form of nature retaliation for the killing we do to other countries people?”, Gustavo asked. Marwa and Samantha, both shook their heads in agreement. 🙄It's time to update your wardrobe! Shop now for new Plus SizeTUBBZ Cosplaying Ducks 728x90Alejandro: “Sophie, I’ll miss my walking plan today coz of that scary weather 😦 ” Ray: “People are dying or evacuated and you think of your hikes?” Joshua: “Nothing wrong in thinking of yourself even if there was a disastrous situation, you need to think of yourself dud!”

Here’s the solution: Be in love

Be in love of someone; does it matter who is s/he? Not at all. You wouldn’t even need to tell them that you’re in love with them.

It’s you!

It’s you who would feel the thrill. It’s the very special feeling that takes you to a sweat spot, to a higher level of clear vision and ecstasy.

Feelings can take you far further than what you could ever imagine. It can fill your cells with ignition. You wouldn’t know where it is coming from. It’s may be a cosmic effect or something else.

It’s just great to have love in your company. It makes things around you more enjoyable. It doesn’t matter how old you are, coz you can experience this love at any given age.

It has its own rules and magic!

Love makes you feel thrilled and it could be given to any other person: your neighbor, your lover, your parents, your kids, your mentor, your peer, your coworker, it could be anyone anywhere, even between you and someone you haven’t seen or known.

Yes, it could happen.

You might get a thrill of buying a new car, but it’s nothing similar to a thrill of having someone you like in your own mind. A song can bring back memories of an old love; it can take you years back thinking boy where was I at that time?

A branch of a tree could shrink time and space and let you live or re-live a moment that you had before. A very special moment, it’s spiritual feeling or may be it can be physical too.

The large SophiePampassclumps of lush, grass-like foliage and creamy white feathery plumes of pampas grass always bring me the memory of an old friend whose girlfriend used to bring him those plants to his bedroom and put it in a huge vase, spraying them with hair spray as a decorative item. It so artistic and funny at the same time. We used to laugh about how different people think differently. That moment of smiling n laughing was great.

It’s just sensational, dearest friends and readers, love is something rare; you know real love, real admiration; it doesn’t have to be love love it could be just liking but it would shake you up like a storm.

Be in love, you’d live longer, and you’d enjoy everything around you more. Love brings love and light to your life.SeaBear SmokehouseBerrylook Free Shipping Over 55+Jocelyn: “Many of you got it coz they watch carefully to the posts you read. There is always a key behind each word being said. Just pay close attention and you’d get it, like others did.” 💡

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Until we talk again, what do you think life is all about? Is it about living? Is it about wisdom? Is it about programming or is it about new discoveries and experiments? How do you see life? Share with us. You like to learn from us, and we like to learn from you as well. It’s a reciprocal with our hugs and kisses Qatar Airwayssophiechannel


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