Countdown Live 2019!

OMG!  For all friends everywhere! 😉

It’s amazing to watch this countdown. I hope you can watch too. The countries that have already started its New Year 2019 so far are:


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 Here                            Here                                     Here                                          Here

According to our California time (Pacific Time Zone) these countries have already started their 2019th year:

Mon 2:00 am Samoa and Christmas Island/Kiribati KiritimatiApiaSalelologa (Savai’i)
Mon 2:15 am Chatham Islands/New Zealand Chatham Islands
Mon 3:00 am New Zealand with exceptions and 5 more AucklandSuvaWellingtonNukualofa
Mon 4:00 am Small region of Russia and 6 more AnadyrFunafutiYarenTarawaMajuro
Mon 5:00 am Much of Australia and 8 more MelbourneSydneyCanberraHoniara
Mon 5:30 am Small region of Australia AdelaideBroken HillCeduna
Mon 6:00 am Queensland/Australia and 6 more BrisbanePort MoresbyHagåtña
Mon 6:30 am Northern Territory/Australia DarwinAlice SpringsTennant Creek
Mon 7:00 am Japan, South Korea and 5 more TokyoSeoulPyongyangDiliNgerulmud
Mon 7:15 am Western Australia/Australia Eucla
Mon 8:00 am China, Philippines and 10 more BeijingHong KongManilaSingapore
Mon 9:00 am Much of Indonesia, Thailand and 7 more JakartaBangkokHanoiPhnom Penh
Mon 9:30 am Myanmar and Cocos Islands YangonNaypyidawMandalayBantam
Mon 10:00 am Bangladesh and 6 more DhakaAlmatyBishkekThimphuAstana
Mon 10:15 am Nepal KathmanduPokharaBiratnagarDharan
Mon 10:30 am India and Sri Lanka New DelhiMumbaiKolkataBangalore
Mon 11:00 am Pakistan and 8 more TashkentIslamabadLahoreKarachi
Mon 11:30 am Afghanistan KabulKandaharMazari SharifHerat
Mon 12:00 noon Azerbaijan and 8 more DubaiAbu DhabiMuscatPort Louis
Mon 12:30 pm Iran TehranRashtEsfahãnMashhadTabriz
Mon 1:00 pm Moscow/Russia and 22 more MoscowAnkaraBaghdadNairobi

Congratulations for those of you who are now in 2019!

Until we chat again, have joy with our hugs and kisses ❤

. Follow up with other nations.


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