2017! 60-D Plan!

Get ready to immerse yourself in our exciting and luxurious world. It’s your last 60 days splendid plan for 2017! 😉 Thank you for our new friends from the US, New Zealand, India, Australia, Vietnam, Ukraine, and Brazil 😉

I was surprised when someone told me that he didn’t have an email address or computer. And for my surprise, I responded: “Good for you”. Why I said that? The only thing I could think of was that, I saw the guy a healthy senior, and I related between his smiley face, his healthy appearance and his age. Probably I was complimenting him?! Ina way! 🙂

Matt and I were speaking about the new year, and how the year flied like no other time in our lives. We thought Wow it was going to be the New Year in only in 60 days!

He had that look of being shocked on his face with his eyes went wide open. I told him why don’t we try to have a pleasant plan for the last 60 days then. May be we can catch up with things that we didn’t see, or may be we could think better if we have some kind of an outline to go with, so that our productivity would go to a higher level. He smiled at me nodding his head and saying: “Absolutely, yes, I’m in, what ‘s the plan”. 

Thinking that it is really essential to pay attention for the last days of each year that is about to end, made me sat down to my laptop and start searching here and there, until I gathered few ideas in addition to mine and others from Matt, and I gathered all of them here for sharing with all of you. 

It can work for you too. If you like it you can apply it , and pls share your feedback in all cases. It could be simple things but sometimes they are worth a try:

. For the last 60 days of the year, use positive phrases only. Using contractions, such as words like “can’t,” “won’t,” “shouldn’t” would lessen your productivity, and you want to do as much as possible before the start of the new year. Flip the focus of your sentences around so in a way it would be all positive rather than negative!

This is the start, if you like it continue with the rest of our plan for the last 60 days of the year 2017!

. Expectations to be canceled from your life for the last 60 days of this year 2017. What expectations do you have of yourself? Of others? What new views would you have if there were no expectations? What are the beliefs that constrain your expectations? Bother not about any of this. Let go. Expectations will be next year.

. Put exercise in action once you had your coffee, tea, or milk- for 60 days. You have already procrastinated a lot this year! Just walk in the nearest park or beach, and relate it to any specific act you do on a daily basis. For example, right after washing your teeth, you’d take your walk, etc.20171008_165433(1).jpg

. One hour a day for yourself, so it would be blank, for anything you wish to do, anything at all, it’s your choice- for 60 days of this year 2017.

. Sugar free.

. Listen to people, real listening, have your mind computer analyze what you hear, make it a productive listening, for the last 60 days of the year. Take brief notes, if any conversation amazed you.

. Read. Anywhere, anything, any time!

. Record success. When you feel good about your performance or success, take notes what your mood is, what’s the precise reason that makes you jump to higher success, what makes your good decision, for the last 60 days.

. For the last 60 days of this year, fulfill your commitments, and make less new commitments until the new year.

. Take a look at your schedule once a day for the last 60 days, and reschedule when you need more time, it is better to reschedule rather than take the wrong step, for the last 60 days of this year 2017.

. Make family time once a week, even if it was for few hours, have good time, and build up nice memories without taking pictures or worry about shots for social networks. Make it real pleasure for all members of your family or close friends for the last 60 days.

I hope you’d like to comment, ask questions, or share any feedback. Until then, roam further with our topics, with our hugs and kisses


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